Pandemic Is Being Used as Cover for a Massive Military Operation.

Can you believe? My headline is not a question. It is a statement of fact, if yesterday’s presidential presser is to be believed. The stakes have suddenly, and transparently, risen astronomically.


He who can see through all fear will always be safe. — Tao Te Ching

This whole F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) Plannedemic Psy-Op, has me utterly amazed. Especially so many are still buying into it. And yes, I DO know there’s a virus doing its thing, just like they always do (especially during presidential election years) whether or not they’re “bio-engineered.” And you know what? I assume I have the virus in me; that by this time, no matter how we “distance” ourselves “socially,” just about everyone “has” the virus in them. In other words, herd immunity is starting to take hold, and this new virus eventually to recede enough to join the hundreds, if not thousands of other viruses, bacteria and parasites that live, in an attenuated fashion, inside the human biome.

So the question is, how much covid-19 virus is in most of us? Is it multiplying out of control and thus “causing” symptoms? Probably not, for most of us. Those who are still surrendered to the FEAR mantra however, continue to be stressed, both mentally and physically, which in turn depresses the immune system.  I.e., those who are in fear are NOT safe — and much more likely to “develop symptoms.”  And if we do “develop symptoms”? What does it mean? I can remember having mumps, measles, chicken pox, other childhood diseases. Sure, we all got them. This was before the days of multiple vaccinations delivered into children’s bodies that likely lowered their immune function.

This is not the place to drag out pretended “proof” or even “for” and “against” arguments for anything. This is simply a post that details my attitude. An attitude I’ve held for nearly five decades; an attitude that was extremely hard won. For as a child I was full of fear. Utterly terrified, at every single moment, no matter how I pretended to “play” with my friends, of the Bomb. This was before the generation that got under their desks at school. This was way before that, before anybody else that I knew of was scared of this big baddie that hung over the whole world, ticking down to armaggeddon.

So I know, in my bones, that I still czrry my traumatized memories, of what a continuous attitude of F.E.A.R. does to the human being. How it distorts, contracts, thrums up the nervous system (in my case) to a roaring static every single second. And yes, like everyone, my mind is connected to the collective unconscious; so I too have been infected with the F.E.A.R. that continues to swirl around the globe. How could I not be, unless I shut down my natural ability to tune into the whole?

So, every day, during this extended time of tribulation, I must “work on myself,” i.e., continue to ground and center myself through my own personal practices: walking, yoga, chi kung and tai chi. Through getting enough sleep; eating right, drinking plenty of water, Vitamin C, Zinc, elderberry, and so on. I am NOT immune to the psychic currents; I AM immune to buying into them consciously.

Meanwhile, it does appear that what many of us suspected, is indeed taking place NOW, during the first ten days of April, I suspect, given the fact that Mars and Saturn have just met up, and Jupiter is closing in on Pluto big time. (See previous posts.)

What is this? A massive military operation to take out the drug cartels. At least that. This seemingly sudden new development was announced at the presser yesterday, and I bet it confused a lot of people. Wait a minute. You mean this is what Trump meant about saying as a nation we are going to go through a lot of pain in the next two weeks? Is this what he meant by an “invisible enemy”  — the drug cartels, and by extension those connected to human trafficking? To pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse, the whole sordid underbelly of captured children that trudges on in the shadowy world beneath us, in tunnels, which connect, BTW, to both New York Harbor and San Diego Harbor where the two ships, Comfort and Mercy, are docked. Further, is this what’s going on with the strange earthquake near Challis, Idaho? Some kind of explosion underneath the ground?

(I notice my 2011 post, D.U.M.B. and Dummer: Deep Underground Military Bases, is getting quite a bit of traffic right now. Good!)

Is this what troops were training for back in 2018?

Army Is Spending Half A Billion to Train Soldiers to Fight Underground 

Note that citizen investigator Corey Lynn has already written a long investigative piece on the trafficking rings being taken down on islands in the Caribbean.

Shipwrecked on Ten Islands with Clintons and Branson (four part series)

“Dave”, in last night’s X-22 Report said exactly what I and many others have been thinking, That Trump and the good guys in the military decided to use this hugely successful Covid-19 psy-op as a cover story to carry out “The Plan” that has been in the works for 50 years.

Please do at least listen to this video, as it sums up what we need to know about what does seem to be happening.


And BTW: do you notice how Trump and his military didn’t practice “social distancing” at all during yesterday’s presser? And I recall that Trump “touched his face” twice in succession during another recent presser. Hmmm. . . is he signalling that all is not as it seems?

And remember his remark, “there is light at the end of this tunnel,” at his presser two days ago? Add in the metaphor that Q uses, “darkness to light,” as well as the famous “ten days of darkness” . . . hmmmm.

If you turn our instructions as to how to “keep safe” during this so-called pandemic into metaphor, it’s hard not to agree that “social distancing” is what we’ve been doing for many years now, much to our detriment, via technology, especially our screens. What happened to home and family? What happened to community? Well, we’re told to stay home now, with our families. To return to an earlier time. At least for the duration of this operation which does require that false flag opportunities (in crowded places) can’t occur.

And if you really want to learn how the Rockefeller funded alllopathic “medical” take over from natural holistic approaches to health and disease, coupled with the usual fake science “single item causation,” works to keep us enslaved to a non-holistic perspective that keeps our bodies separate from our minds and makes us fear even our our bodies, since we are out of touch with them and/or, at best, treat them as machines — then educate yourself. You might start with this.

Then listen to Rappoport’s entire three-part series. I haven’t done so yet, but I will today.

The Creation of a False Epidemic

Remember: For a people who have lost touch with our own connection to the mysterious workings of nature, even our own bodies turn into “The Other.” When the separative, atomistic, analytic, reductionist thinking is applied everywhere, then truly, unless the entire system is upended, ALL IS LOST.

But all is NOT lost! For we are coming alive, more and more of us, the longer this “shut-down” goes on.

Yes. “He who can see through all fear will always be safe.” And not just safe, but ready and willing to take on the entire system that managed to enslave most of humanity for thousands of years.

Remember this, the “Calm Before the Storm” video? Back on October 10, 2017, only weeks before Q began to carve out an entirely new communication system to bypass the MSM?



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3 Responses to Pandemic Is Being Used as Cover for a Massive Military Operation.

  1. Multi layers and multi dimensions. Both/and. It’s an amazing world beginning to come through.

    • RemiWilde says:

      Laura, that’s the perfect way to put it! For years, I’ve been feeling the ‘both/and’ but it seems even more so in these last few months.

      Ann, that quote is just spot-on:

      He who can see through all fear will always be safe. — Tao Te Ching

      Much love from Boise! 💕❤️🌸

  2. Kathryn Jane Anderson says:

    I have no fear and am feeling and anticipating a new world soon! Thanks for this post, Ann…you are a super trooper…

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