Charles Eisenstein: THE CORONATION

Wow. Just yesterday I found myeself wondering if Charles Eisenstein would weigh in. If you recall, in 2011, the year of “Occupy” —remember that? That brief light in the darkness? — he authored the wonderful book, Sacred Economics, about the new, cooperative Gift Economy in what he calls “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.” Eisenstein captures  what we here in Green Acres Village strive to practice on a daily basis. From a goodreads review:

A broadly integrated synthesis of theory, policy, and practice, Sacred Economics explores avant-garde concepts of the New Economics, including negative-interest currencies, local currencies, resource-based economics, gift economies, and the restoration of the commons. Author Charles Eisenstein also considers the personal dimensions of this transition, speaking to those concerned with “right livelihood” and how to live according to their ideals in a world seemingly ruled by money. Tapping into a rich lineage of conventional and unconventional economic thought, Sacred Economics presents a vision that is original yet commonsense, radical yet gentle, and increasingly relevant as the crises of our civilization deepen.

When I search  “Charles Eisenstein and Exopermaculture,”  I notice that I’ve focused on Eisenstein at least 25 times in past years!  Here are two of them, both from 2013.

Charles Eisenstein: Permaculture Obliterates the Myth of Scarcity

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And so, guess what? He did weigh in, and I found the essay early this morning.  Yes!

The Coronation

It begins:

For years, normality has been stretched nearly to its breaking point, a rope pulled tighter and tighter, waiting for a nip of the black swan’s beak to snap it in two. Now that the rope has snapped, do we tie its ends back together, or shall we undo its dangling braids still further, to see what we might weave from them?

Covid-19 is showing us that when humanity is united in common cause, phenomenally rapid change is possible. None of the world’s problems are technically difficult to solve; they originate in human disagreement. In coherency, humanity’s creative powers are boundless. A few months ago, a proposal to halt commercial air travel would have seemed preposterous. Likewise for the radical changes we are making in our social behavior, economy, and the role of government in our lives. Covid demonstrates the power of our collective will when we agree on what is important. What else might we achieve, in coherency? What do we want to achieve, and what world shall we create? That is always the next question when anyone awakens to their power.

For those who would rather listen than read, here you go.



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