Mars enters Aquarius, conjunct Saturn: We now enter the FINALE of the Pandemic Psy-Op

Though Trump announced last night that “social distancing” will be extended for one more month, let’s not forget that the big push is right now. Mars entered 0° Aquarius TODAY,  exactly conjunct Saturn, both at 0°.

This entire week, and especially, on April 4-5, Jupiter exactly conjuncts Pluto. I imagine that if there are to be three,  or ten, Days of Darkness (no internet, no cell phone) they will likely fall between April Fool’s Day and April 10.

So, settle in, shall we? Here’s some of what I’ve been paying attention to.

Fred Burks, of, traces the history of these viruses and how they are used to make more money and gain more control over the public.

Fred Burks What’s Going on with the Corona Virus

Here’s a long and very interesting post, done two years ago, that reminds me of the Q material. Introduced by a larger-than-life iconic rendition of Donald Trump.

Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn

(The author, in the comment section, says he was deliberately echoing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a very famous conspiracy book.)

Speaking of Q, I wrote a post on Project Looking Glass last November when I saw that Q had referenced it.

What was/Is “Project Looking Glass”?

Then yesterday, somewhere on twitter, I picked up on Bill Wood again. He’s the one who introduced me to the project, way back in 2012, when Kerry Cassidy interviewed him.

I post this section of their extended interview because of a very interesting new update by psychic Magenta Pixie, and I quote: “We are in an unprecedented Great Awakening.” Yes. This extended time out/reset of our entire civilization does tend to make even those who usually have absolutely no time on their hands, wonder what in hell is going on and even start digging into some of the rabbit holes that those of us long thought “crazy” have been deep down into for many years.

Magenta Pixie, in this communication, says that the world switched timelines at the end of 2012. Back in 2012, Bill Wood said in the above interview that Project Looking Glass no longer worked as expected because multiple possible timelines had reduced to one, and that it was NOT the one the NWO controllers wanted.

In other words, Magenta Pixie in 2020 echoes Bill Woods in 2012.

Start at about minute 30 and this part ends at minute 57. Haven’t listened to the entire video yet, but I will.


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