To the Editor: “When did we become a nation of whining, whimpering crybabies”?

This Letter to the Editor was published two days ago in the Bloomington Indiana Herald-Times.

Please, go on living

To the Editor:

I am 82 years old, have heart disease and diabetes, so am high risk for COVID-19.

When did we become a nation of whining, whimpering crybabies who need to have every facet of our lives controlled and cared for by some form of government. We used to stand up and meet our troubles head on.

Yeah, I might die but what would be worse is the destruction of our economy and the future of the young due to a virus.

The hysteria needs to end and life go on.

We are all born with an expiration date and that day we’re departing be it COVID-19, a car accident or falling down stairs.

Please, everyone, come to your senses, wash your hands, don’t hug, keep a little space and go on living.

Jean Furlong




Unionville is a tiny town north east of Bloomington.  Male? Female? Doesn’t matter. Is one of those folks in a generation who remembers when life was really hard, and everybody learned how to make do with what they had and help each other through hard times.

And as my mom, aka Lady Renee, used to say, when one or all of her eight children were in the middle of some big drama: “REMEMBER. THIS TOO, WILL PASS.”






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