And just when we thought all was lost, Dylan releases his first new song in 8 years: MURDER MOST FOUL

Just listened for the first time to Dylan’s elegaic 17-minute dirge about the JFK assasination that, during this coronavirus time-out, returns especially those of us old enough to remember, back to when the madness began. Traumatized, uncomprehending, we Americans have been living in its foul shadow ever since.

These three events have shaped my lifetime of 77 years.

First, JFK death.

Which spawned the Vietnam War, murders of RFK and MLK, Kent State and more.

Second, 9/11.

Which handed us “The Patriot Act” Department of Homeland Security, and more wars.

Third, coronavirus “pandemic.”

The first global psy-op that brought human Life on Earth to a full stop.


BTW: The number “17” is gematria for “Q.”


See lyrics in comment section below the youtube video. As usual, with Dylan, worth pondering. As are the comments, in this case.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, the JFK grandkids released their own song, a rendition of “Timber.”  Please note that the secret service code name for George H.W. Bush, a high ranking officer in the C.I.A. at the time of the JFK assasination, was Timberwolf.

The kids released their song to Instagram on March 20.

Dylan released his song today, March 27.

Only one week separates them.

Mainstream media is already picking up on the Dylan song.

Perhaps this New Dylan song will unify us even more than the Fear psy-op did.

If so, then BOOM.

TIMING, is everything.



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