Has the “pandemic” morphed into a MEDICAL COUP?

Or is President Trump about to fire Dr. Fauci.

Hmmm . . . See

Video of Dr. Fauci in 2009 unearthed . . .

The big corona psy-op just continues to ratchet up .  . . This morning, along with several other states, Indiana announced its mandatory “stay at home” order. from tomorrow night, Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. until April 6. (I.e., until the final Jupiter/Pluto pair of the rare and historic Capricorn stellium that held Mars and Saturn too, finally begins to let go).


This morning, I told housemate Dan that I would NEVER EVER consent to one of their Covid-19 “tests;” nor would I ever allow myself to be “vaccinated.” But, like most people  around here, except for the check out clerk I spoke with sotto voce at a local grocery this morning, Dan, apparently, thinks me too extreme; he replies: “I like the middle ground.”

Well yes, there’s always the need to see both sides, indeed all sides. And to keep opening my mind. I try to do that, but always on the foundation of what I have actually experientially learned in my long life already — concerning my own body, my own mind, and the body/mind connection. I shifted out of so-called “evidence-based” scientism, including allopathic medical programming that only “treats” symptoms with drugs or surgery or chemical poisons, rather than viewing the entire person holistically and working with nature to heal — way back when I was 30 (Saturn return!), thanks to a persistent serious infection that came and went over a three year period, each time with antibiotics as “the cure.” Finally, I changed course. I contacted a natural healer. She helped me by first, prescribing garlic every two hours overnight for pain, and then, when I went to see her the next day, by asking what I feared and what I felt guilty for. Bingo! My fears and guilt had to do with my mothering, how I had left my little boys in the custody of their father. Not surprisingly, for those who understand how bodily symptoms are also symbolic; that they alert us to how and where we have gone astray — my persistently recurring infection, peritonitis, had started in the left ovary, the result of a hole in the uterus caused by an IUD.

Ever since then, I have known, with no doubt whatsoever, that whatever is going on in my body, was first present in the mind. That if I can change the way I think, the body will follow.

Aside from expert surgery on a broken wrist nine years ago, I have not since used allopathic medicine. Instead, for forty seven years I have made it my business to understand and heal my own body, mind, and body/mind connection, by relying on intuition, dreams, synchronicities, holistic healers and natural remedies of various kinds.

During this unprecedented time of pounding mainstream media promotion of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), one of my go-to substances is colloidal silver.

So, wouldn’t you know, today I happened to catch this story in the local newspaper, tucked away on page 5.

Yep. The medical mafia is at it again, trying to control even our personal freedom to decide how we want to heal our own bodies.

Jon Rappoport has a new post out today that draws out the ghastly implications of this observation.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Is Now the President of the United States

Yep, the same man who guided the United States through AIDS, Zika, and Ebola, is now directing the entire effort to supposedly eradicate Covid-19; I presume this includes the coming vaccine that will supposedly stop it, but actually might just do the opposite. In other words, it may be that only when people are vaccinated will we see just about everybody getting the disease.

Think I’m being paranoid? Just another tin foil hat conspiracy theorist? Check out at least the first few minutes of this video sent to me today by someone I don’t know (I’m on Fred Krugman’s email list, apparently. Thank you! ): Rachel Cellar, The Forensic Nurse. Judging by the archives, it looks like her website has only been up since August 2019.

BTW: my current favorite psychic, Utsava, predicts this latest “virus” scare will be over by mid-April. But, unless Trump fires Fauci, will the medical mafia let go of its expanded power?

In a group email sent to my Sufi mentor Darvesha this morning, this wonderful quote, which I suggest we might want to turn into a mantra.

Our integrity sells for so little, but it is all we really have. It is the very last inch of us. But within that inch we are free. — V for Vendetta

I repeat: for me, no test and no vaccine. EVER.

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2 Responses to Has the “pandemic” morphed into a MEDICAL COUP?

  1. Ellen says:

    I stand alongside of you with the same refusal to be tested or vaccinated. This 55 year old hoosier crone has lived long enough to see what is going on in this world and my integrity is not for sale for any price to anyone.
    I have been telling everyone l can to stop buying into this but everyone thinks l am crazy. The only person l have talked to who does not think this is my father of 88 yrs. At least l have one person who is in my personal life who understands.
    Thanks for all of the wisdom you continue to share. I sure do apreciate who you are as a human being and what you stand for.

  2. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann!

    Just want to chime in and say that you are RIGHT ON with this virus insanity. Thank you for being a voice of reason during these times. There certainly isn’t any amongst not only the MSM, but even certain alt-news websites I follow(ed!), like Natural News. Pure fear-porn!!

    As I’ve shared: I was once a part of the biowarfare industry, working with anthrax. So, I know what a true pandemic should look like – and, this is NOT it.

    In fact, as a former worker in the biowarfare arena – if this virus is actually a created pathogen (and I think it is, but it escaped from Fort Detrick – NOT China) – those who created this are a stain on the industry. Rank AMATEURS. They really couldn’t design a better agent of death by disease? Something that can’t even approach the level of the yearly flu?! (Thank God!!) They should be FIRED!!

    And I agree, that those who beLIEve they will get sick because of it, may indeed create their own illness. I pray that the masses wake up fast enough to prevent this from occurring.

    But in the meantime: get ready for the total breakdown of all the systems that we have relied on for so long. Be prepared if you can’t get your money out of the bank. Be ready if you go shopping, and there is nothing to be had. Be ready if the power goes out and you can’t keep your fridge going, or keep any lights on.

    All of this may, or may not, come to to pass soon. All minor things in the long run. Because where we are going will be a HELL of a lot better than where we have been, after the transition!! Make plans to be here, because are about to have a planet-wide PAR-TAY!!!

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