Corona Confusion: What day is it? Thursday? The RESET deepens . . .

Housemate Dan and I have decided to deep clean this house. On my first day in the den, I came across these three  books. Hmmmm . . . They are among hundreds more, all of them worth reading, from my late husband Jeff’s collection).

That was two days ago. The den is still in shambles, books pulled out, giant chair moved . . .  Empty boxes stacked . . . Yesterday, we veered in another direction. Dan decided to clean the fridge. This hard thick sticky gunk has been lurking underneath the bottom left drawer for, literally, years. We finally figured out how to remove it. Use a paint scraper!


How many other small and large DIY solutions are being dreamed up all over this land, as folks begin to let go of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) and open to their enormous, long buried capacity for solving problems — by using their imaginations! Not by buying something “new,” but by using something near at hand in a new way. Huh!

This morning, on my walk with puppy Shadow, we had to go to the IU Credit Union. Oops! Parking lot empty, except for an empty state trooper car .  . . Sign on door: CLOSED (except for drive-up service). Huh? We had to stand in line behind a car to deposit a check. Truly, we have entered an Edward Hopperesque  Twilight Zone.

I’d never used the drive-up service, so had to learn how. The clerk was very kind and patient. Even waved the rule that I needed a photo ID to get a bit of cash out.

Makes me wonder: how many other “rules”, in how many other areas, large and small, are being systematically “violated” in order to make sure things don’t break down even further and we the people are as safe and convenienced as possible.

Then we crossed the street, only to discover that the nearby mall is closed. WOW! Not that I ever go in there, but it’s fun to walk by the stores with outside entrances, all now closed, except for Fresh Thyme. Wow! What are all those people going to do now that they can’t go to their favorite “boutique fitness” spot, Orange Theory? And what other daily habits are being completely upended?

Shadow and I usually have to wait quite awhile before crossing the two busy multilane streets to and from the mall area. This time we just walked right on across both of them. Nearly empty roads.

At Aldi’s (still open, though I noticed internet scuttlebutt that some of their stores were closing), the people in line were very friendly, more so than usual, and the clerks unfailingly decent and kept the lines moving fast. The lady in front of me was stocking up on TP and bottled water.  I can’t imagine drinking plastic bottled water. All four of her college age kids are home. She runs a cleaning service. (Rich) people still want their houses cleaned.

Interesting that though all the restaurants are shut, their take-out remains open, and in some cases,  take-out service is being inaugurated.

Dan noticed this and commented, “people don’t know how to cook [especially his millennial generation], so they see their only alternative to restaurants and bars is takeout. . . Dan himself cooks up a storm. And is a terrific ferment and tincture maker.

Swirling currents of fear continue to inundate the atmosphere. None of us have ever EVER seen anything like it! So amazing, that we the people are still so susceptible to fear-porn; in fact, it appears that most are truly controlled, programmed by it. THAT’S what scares me.

Or, I should say, it makes me shake my head in awe and wonder, that people could be so gullible. And towards what end? What’s this all for? Who benefits, besides Big Pharma?

Some say the globalists are using this fear pandemic (disguised as a “virus”) FF to bring in the centrally controlled New World Order.

For example, Sir Julian Rose.

Pandemic: the invention of a disease called fear

Others note how this contagion of fear is being accomplished — since neither the Mueller investigation nor impeachment worked — to bring down Donald Trump, due to economy crashing. And so hard-core, die-hard leftists love it. This author, however, also does seriously consider Sir Julian’s warning.

Curioser and Curioser . . . Covid-19

Then there are the Q-anon followers, of whom I count myself one, while keeping an open mind. (Could be a larp! Yep. Could be an extremely clever way to keep citizen investigators pre-occupied with chasing down dead-end leads and figuring out what Q actually means by his cryptic “drops” and whether or not “The Plan” will come true.) This community seems to be growing exponentially during this unprecedented time when people actually have enough time to slow down and look at stuff that they never took seriously before.

Q-followers tend to see the overblown character of this continually amped fear porn as an extremely clever op to get people off the streets so that the usual types of distraction FFs — mass shootings and the like — cannot occur; this, while the “white hats” go about their business draining the swamp, i.e., arresting some at least of the supposedly 150,000 indictments that have been set in motion over the past two years. Since we’ve been warned what would go down by Q, and the reasons for “The Storm,” we tend to feel more calm and collected than most.

The Q community sees Trump as the man for this hour, perhaps the only mere mortal who could serve in this capacity of overseeing the destruction of the various tentacles of the global Deep State while enduring a continuous onslaught of hatred by those whose corruption he is in place, with others, to expose.

The above three alternatives I also mentioned in this post, which links the astonishing destruction of the life force as it has been channeled into visible and invisible forms to this year’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction, plus Pluto’s upcoming return to its own natal place in the U.S. birthchart for the very first time.

The fourth alternative, rising up underneath the collective noise of any and all of the others, the one which I and other forward-thinking folks practice, is permaculture. See Green Acres Permaculture Village. THIS is the regenerative solution, and needs to be put in motion everywhere, no matter which of the three options one subscribes to as to what exactly is happening now. And I imagine it’s one that Sir Julian, a farmer and activist himself, would also endorse.

Let’s begin now. The reset button has just been pushed. 

Meanwhile, I just walked out of my bedroom/study to the living room to find Dan, for the very first time, sitting in “MY” chair! And as he says, “complete with blanket”!

The nerve! Insurrection! Love it.



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