ARKCroneCast: Weekly Updates, March 18

New Patreon post is a video this week, with All Tier Access:

CroneCast #17 || Visiting My Personal Shadow During CoronaVirus Scare

Description: How does one’s “shadow” operate? Well, mine shows up not only in outward behavior, but also in the tone, rhythm and flow of the language in my written work. Looping back through decades I notice my own PRETENTIOUSNESS during 1974 when I was internally furious for being fired; and my own STRIDENCY IN 1983-85 when I was editor of a regional “peace activist” magazine. Underneath both these shadow qualities is both APOCALYPTIC thinking and an attitude of DESPERATION, based on FEAR. Wow. Sound familiar during this Corona panic? And of course, the solution is, it always is, letting go of mind, of ego, getting back in touch with the body, and with Earth’s body: thus, permaculture.


This week’s public Patreon & free Youtube video release is postponed until this weekend. Producer, Gabrielle is adding something special for people who might enjoy participating in something creative during the extended downtime; what Gabrielle calls Corona Stayacation 2020. We’ll send an update about this on Friday and on Patreon, too.

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