ARKCronecast Weekly Updates: March 11, 2020

New Patreon post for silver/gold tier patrons: CroneCast #16 | Chapter 3, Processing | 10 Tools For Transformation

In this book I talk about the ten tools I use to help me both stay on course and amplify my own evolutionary process. These tools help give my life shape, meaning, and direction. They assist me in overcoming old habits which tend to make me stuck. Most of them, moreover, are “free.” : they do not depend on buying anything or paying an expert for anything. I write this book for all those who think I, and others like me, have no fear. As if fear automatically stops us. As if, when we are afraid, we are excused from following our soul’s call.My Secret Life || TEN TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMATION of the Self was written by Ann in 1997. It will be offered as an ebook publication for downloading at a later date TBA. ~ Gabrielle

This tool, “Processing,” is so central to my life, and has been for so long, that I can only barely imagine life without it. Well maybe, here’s for starters: I might instead have “gone into therapy.” Nope! Not me! Why should I pay some “expert” when I can process any experience that “bothers” me — take it apart, look at it frame by frame, add context of various kinds — either in my journal, or with the aid of dreams and synchronicities and/or together with a close (usually female) friend? In this case, we call it “co-processing,” because we do it for each other, each of us offering ourselves, in turn, as a sounding board for the other.


This week’s free offering, CroneCast #12 | Chapter 1, Death and the Maiden | 10 Tools For Transformation
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Note: There are two chapters on Death, one at the beginning of the book and another at the end. This early chapter presents the context of my morbid fascination with Death even as a small child, and how that fascination morphed into a powerful Tool for Transformation.


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