CORONEY BALONEY: Two public and two private perfect perspectives

I went out on a limb yesterday, “predicting” that this month’s Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo, featuring a near-exact conjunction with Neptune, and Mercury turning to go direct after three weeks, presented the CLIMAX of the fear-mongering that is driving this astoundingly successful global false flag which, did you notice, arose exactly as the impeachment fiasco ended?

In the public realm, this Garrison cartoon from  yesterday. Bingo.

On my reddit feed today, this video, from The Onion, made ten years ago and still totally relevant.

In the private realm, the first perfect perspective comes from my housemate Dan. He was tending bar last night, when he turned around to see one of the bar’s regulars, suddenly thoroughly masked, looking up at TV, trolling the fear-mongers.


The second, a “corona” birthday cake a savvy mom made for her young adult son. Again, thanks to Dan, who got it on his fb feed yesterday.



Yep, it’s about time we started laughing.



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