Coronavirus Fear Mongering Mutates into Higher-Order Fear Mongering

Just as “the virus” supposedly mutates, so do our paranoid imaginations conjure up scene after scene, each wider and more scary than the last.

These three posts summarize, in their own ways, the same fearful conclusion: the CV is a “globalist wet dream,” being stoked by governments and their media propagandists as the fastest, easiest way, via medical martial law, to shove us in the arms of the centralized New World Order police state. True? I have no idea, but like many my age, I have never ever seen such a coordinated mainstream media push for instilling fear in the mass mind.

The “Coronavirus Pandemic: Lies, Damned Lies, and Infection Numbers


OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: A Stealthy NWO Conspiracy to Establish A Global Orwellian Superstate


The COVID-19 Hype Train: The Catalyst for the NWO Transition [+ more (3/6)]

What we need to realize:  ascribing the fear-mongering over the so-called “virus” to this wider NWO agenda is also fear-mongering, but at a higher, more inclusive level. I include myself here in the warning to not get fooled by any outside source trying to tell me how to direct my precious attention.

Key: whatever happens next will be the result of the combination of millions of individuals “beLIEving” one fear-mongering theory or another, and/or, of some critical, hundredth-monkey percentage of those same same millions of individuals deciding instead to let go of fear, no matter what the cause. Which means, to let go of our theories and land kerplunk, directly into the present moment.

If enough of us can return to our original innocence, our inherent trust in the workings of the universe; if enough of us  spend our precious time moving gratefully and gracefully into the unknown future while working all the while to render our own immune systems resilient; if we can recognize that fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) itself is a potent, invisible atmospheric poison far more lethal than any microscopic virus; that indeed, the virus is effective precisely because we are so afraid, then we will have cleared our path forward into a future of health and well-being for all.  



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2 Responses to Coronavirus Fear Mongering Mutates into Higher-Order Fear Mongering

  1. Catherine Austin Fitts, former Deputy Sec o HUD, expressed an interesting concern with the Coronavirus. If the CV-19 is bio-warfare, it may be to drive digital currency so there is only one digital currency. about 1:16:50

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks. Will check it out. I wondered about that, if it’s really the case that the supposed virus really does stick to paper money.

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