STILL bamboozled by “coronavirus”? Check out latest Rappoport and Garrison

Jon Rappoport keeps on putting up posts that counter all the bullshit coming from everywhere concerning this (supposedly scary, terrifying, black flag?) “virus” that, BTW, I see from numerous sources, kills just 2% of people who “get it.” If, indeed that is what they “get.” In any case, this percentage is supposedly less than any generic flu! But rather than debate facts, factoids, or stabs in the confusing dark, let’s just pay close attention to extremely independent investigative journalist and long-time epidemic and vaccine hunter Rappoport, his latest utterly brilliant perspective that captures the interstices of this ongoing global false flag with breathtaking panoptic vision while offering a terrific example of the slight-of-hand in which a psy-op promotes its illusion.

Coronavirus covert operation

Ben Garrison’s cartoon is paired with his own verbal description of what he thinks thisĀ  psy-op is designed? to accomplish.



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