Green Acres Village: A duck and a chicken were walking down the sidewalk . . .

Last Saturday Charisse (Rebecca) happened to be driving through nearby East Side neighborhood. Assuming this unlikely pair was lost, she decided to stop and pick them up. The chicken was easy, and since the duck seems to need to be next to the chicken at all times, he (she?) also let himself (herself?) be grabbed. Charisse separated them the first night from our chickens, then kept them in the coop the next day and night, and ever since, they’ve been fully acclimated, with the new chicken even laying one brown egg each day.

So . . . but of course we do need to find out if their former owner wants them back. So I  went onto, and made the announcement. All the neighborhoods in Bloomington will now know about the strangely matched pair, and how we would like to, but haven’t yet, confiscated them.

(If you live in a neighborhood, check out It’s a terrific resource.)

Update: Not ten minutes after I posted the message on I got a call from  the owner and replies on from two of their friends. This list is really active! And fast! The odd couple will leave this evening. The owner has four kids and you can imagine how they felt when their beloved pets didn’t return last Saturday evening.. (Apparently they walk the sidewalk over there often, are not fenced, and always come home at night.)

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2 Responses to Green Acres Village: A duck and a chicken were walking down the sidewalk . . .

  1. your “duck” puts me in mind of the dear friend i had back in the ’80s.

    the goose “Gabrielle” was the long-time (from the egg) pet of the French family i lived with in Chartres over several winters –she had become completely “imprinted” on the Grandfather (a WWI veteran, long dead by the time of my arrival) and could always be seen following him around as he worked in his large garden in the Faubourg de la Porte Guillaume, just outside the 13th century walls of the old city.

    after a few winters Gabrielle and i became great buddies, especially in the early spring, when she was taken to come up to me, and squat down on the ground at my feet, her tail in the air, hopefully awaiting my mounting her.

    curiously, a rare egg sometimes followed these events.

    the two species are quite close, and apparently sometimes they themselves get confused

    as it happened, Gabrielle’s imprinting was, ultimately, her Undoing.

    in the (warmish Chartrain) Winter she frequently took to sleeping under my friend’s 2CV in the open garage –after a day’s run it was a source of heat when first parked there and even through part of the night.

    Francoise didn’t see her under there one morning in early Spring and, in a bit of a hurry to back out, ran over the sleeping Gabrielle.

    when i learned of this sad happening by telephone in the U.S. the next day, i remembered a very curious, brief and very, very vivid dream i had had the previous night, in which i was briefly “visited” by what i thought to be some kind of unidentified “incubus” (that was the word which came into my mind, for some reason).

    now, with Spring springing its way again, i continue to miss the “affections” of my sweet Gabrielle.

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