Mercury Rx for next three weeks

Note: Phooey! Thought I published this yesterday, 2/17/20  which accounts for the dates shown below. More Mercury Rx confusion!

“Mercury retrograde, explained without astrology”

We Green Acres Village podmates were engaged in an unusually confusing group text thread yesterday, early evening, trying to coordinate when we are all free for our next pod meeting. Indeed, the thread got so long and confusing that I wondered to myself, hmmmm . . . when does Mercury turn to go Rx this time (it happens 3x each year)?

I think it’s today. . .

Wow. I looked it up, and saw this: “Mercury turns to go Rx at 7:54 p.m, EST, 2/16/20.” I then glanced at the computer’s clock: 7:54 p.m., EXACTLY THE SAME. What are the odds?

I just experienced what Q would call a ZERO DELTA. Bingo. YES!

Mercury began this Rx period at 12°53 Pisces, near Neptune at 17°35 Pisces (which lends its confusion as well), backs up to late Aquarius on March 4, then further to 28° 12 Aquarius on March 10, when it turns to go forward. Mercury will cross back up into early Pisces on March 17, and finally reach 12° 53 Pisces again on March 30. So three weeks of the actual retrograde period, and then two more weeks before it again reaches the degree where it started to back up.  So five weeks or so, or becoming more aware of your own thinking process, of reworking how you communicate. Expect snafus in communication with others, and possible transportation delays, etc. They say it’s best not to sign “important documents” during a Mercury Rx period, as those contracts may have to be done over. . .

On the other hand, I began my very successful astrology practice way back in the mid-70s during a Mercury Rx period. And it might be that this signature augurs well for someone who aims to understand others at a deep level.

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