Saturn/Pluto: As the fiat money system collapses, does crypto replace it?

One very obvious interpretation of this Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn phenomenon is to see (structural, form giving, law making and enforcing) Saturn as the current “fiat money system” which has long thought itself “the bottom line,” versus the real bottom line, Pluto, symbolizing the primal life force both fills and fuels the universe.

Two perspectives relating to this view of Saturn/Pluto. First, imagine the karma and real world consequences that attach to being in the tiny minority during a time when their Capricorn hierarchy collapses and the entire monetary system falls apart.

Is Poetic Justice Coming for the 1%?

And second, this Spotlight Report from Dave of X-22 Report: New interview with Bix Weir re: how crypto may be the new — and possibly welcome, since decentralized, transparent, and not able to be manipulated — blockchain Saturn structure that replaces the centralized bankster fiat money system.




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