Alternate perspectives on the new Coronavirus

I have featured Jon Rappoport’s reports on the Coronavirus, trusting his information largely because for decades he has studied  how “diseases” (including “epidemics”) and their “cures” not only have been weaponized for all sorts of economic, political, and cultural purposes, but also because the “science” behind just about everything having to do with human health is dicey, to say the least.

As a person who, for nearly five decades has stayed clear of allopathic medicine (with the rare exception of emergency medicine and orthopedics), I am very disposed to see this emergent “threat” the way Rappoport does.

Here’s his overview of the situation, as of February 5.

My Bottom Lines on the China Epidemic

On the other hand, here’s an incredibly chilling report that I couldn’t help but sink my teeth into. Especially the idea that these new “hospitals” that are going up in eleven days are actually prisons, and worse. True? I have no idea, but here’s both the report, an interview by Steve Bannon, a man whom I respect —


— and here’s one indication that yes, these newly constructed “hospitals” are actually prisons. Or worse: the man Bannon interviews says that no food and water are given to those locked in the cells, presumably waiting to die and be cremated in one of the 49 crematories in Wuhan that are supposedly working nonstop to consign bodies to the fire  (thus adding to Wuhan’s already terrible record on air pollution?).

Video shows interior of new Wuhan ‘hospital’ resembles prison

My immediate take on any of these so-called epidemics/pandemics is just how quickly and easily they can be used to ramp up the global police state. And what more convenient country to begin with than communist-controlled China?

Coronavirus is stage one of ‘Lock Step’ 

Meanwhile, my advice to myself remains the same: stay centered, eat well, sleep enough, and exercise plenty. In other words, do all that I can to make sure my own body’s immune system is working according to its original brilliant design.


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2 Responses to Alternate perspectives on the new Coronavirus

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    Rappoport is right. The truth is, the west has been wrong about the cause of disease ever since the days of Antoine Bechamp and Louis Pasteur. This is an excerpt from an excellent two-part article that explains what has happened to the medical field, and why it won’t change until the current medical establishment is exposed for what it is:

    “…in a compromised terrain (e.g. human body), today’s bacterium can be tomorrow’s terrain-poisoning yeast, fungus, or mold. Pasteur denied that bacteria could change their form. Only the unchanging, specific germs of the air were the cause of disease, he said. Béchamp, on the other hand, never denying that the air carried germs, maintained that airborne forms were not necessary for disease. Pasteur wished to establish that we must be invaded (and therefore be protected by profitable vaccination). But the true scientist showed that an independently living element, which could morbidly evolve, already exists in all cells of the body, and showed evidence that it is all that is needed for the appearance of symptogenic organisms. The body naturally has within it the factors and potential necessary to produce the symptoms of disease, including microorganisms. It means we also have the innate ability to become, and to stay, healthy.

    Whether Pasteur or Béchamp is correct may still be an issue for some people. It does seem unusual, though, that Antoine’s name, and the controversy itself, have been omitted from history, medical and biology books–even encyclopedias. Given the magnitude and number of Béchamp’s discoveries, it is more-than-likely that this omission is more than oversight. The historical assassination of Antoine Béchamp resulted in medical science drawing conclusions from a half-truth. This has meant untold misery for the human race, especially in the West. The resulting concept of diseases as entities that attack us is highly questionable and is a major block to resolving health care issues today.

    The odd thing is, Pasteur himself was reported to have admitted on his deathbed that, “Claude Bernard was right–the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

    And this book is an absolute “must read”, as it details what happened to Bechamp, Royal Raymond Rife, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, and Gaston Naessens – four men, over a century apart in time, who made the same discoveries using ultra-powerful light microscopes they designed and who developed cures for diseases that, instead of changing the world for the better, made the Medical Industrial Complex go out of their way to DESTROY them:

    That book is one of the best red-pills ever written. The author was Christopher Bird, who wrote “The Secret Life of Plants” in the 70’s.

    Anyway, you are exactly right: do what you can to stay healthy, including maintaining the belief that you will STAY healthy, and you will!

  2. rose day says:

    Thought you might the following patent info related to the Coronavirus of interest…

    You will notice that the patent initiation on behalf of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) began in 2003.

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