Multibillionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg in cahoots?

It looks that way. Follow the money. Oh yeah, and they both fund gun control.

These two leftist Machiavellian creeps have decided to buy up both the Justice system and the entire Democratic party.

Soros has been busy funding elections for leftist district attorneys for a few years now.

It’s about time: AG Barr calls out commie agitator George Soros for financing anti-police, anti-law enforcement district attorneys

And, if Steve Bannon is correct, Bloomberg’s “presidential candidacy” is cover for his decision to do a “leveraged buyout” of the Democratic party.

Steve Bannon lays out a shocking scenario of the real reason behind Bloomberg’s investment of two billion in politics






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2 Responses to Multibillionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg in cahoots?

  1. Stunned at Sunset says:

    Hi, Ann:

    I’m curious to know what WEB service you’re using. Every so often, when I click on an embedded link to follow one of your stories, I’m diverted to a WordPress site that tells me your WEB Page is no longer available (Exopermaculture). I get the same thing whenever I click on a URL that references Jean Haines but I am aware that Jean shut down her sites a couple of years ago.

    The basic thrust of my question is that I’m wondering if this site is an archive to which you add interesting news spots on a daily basis or is it an active “red pill” site that people can access to experience “unity consciousness” as I wouldn’t be following your posts if I didn’t agree with much of what you have to say.

    Love and Light,
    Stunned at Sunset

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