CORONAVIRUS: More perspectives on “The Church of the Virus”

Fred Burks of wanttoknowlinfo weighs in on this latest, and still ramping-up, fear-mongering propaganda with a wide-ranging overview:

The Corona Virus: How dangerous is it? Hint: Don’t trust the Media

Fred Burks attitude feels akin to that of Jon Rappoport, who  has been investigating so-called epidemics and vaccines for longer than anyone else out there. Plus, Rappoport notices how  how so-called global pandemics can be used to corral us all into the centralized global police state, vaccinated, and likely, I’d say, chipped — “necessary” next steps now that we’re quite used to being surveilled and listened to by our electronic devices.

Here’s his latest, archived post, followed by all the others in the series:

Epidemic: 30 Trillion Cases, and that’s a low estimate.

An old friend of mine, Sylvia, who used to live here in Green Acres neighborhood and has since moved back home to Holland, has sent another very interesting perspective, how symptoms from 5G poisoning can mimic those of a flu virus.

Corona virus fakery and the link to 5G testing

Many people are asking, was this virus designed in a laboratory and then “accidentally” or on purpose “released?” if so, by whom? And cui bono, besides Big Pharma? (And eeeek! scary!. . . it appears to contain something similar or identical to HIV?!!) They cite the Wuhan laboratory, the Harvard Professor, on and on. Rappoport has the larger perspective:

Remember West Nile, bird flu, Zika, and way back, the Swine Flu scare of 1976? They were all hyped to the sky. They were all predicted to sweep across the world. They were all connected, by some people, to “engineered viruses in biowar labs, against which we don’t stand a chance.” And they were all duds. The case numbers—when the smoke cleared—were miniscule. That’s called a CLUE.

But you see, there is a thing called The Church of the Virus. It’s quite amazing. People simply hear the word VIRUS and they fall down on their knees. Some of these people were, up to the moment when an epidemic was declared, saying that building up the immune system through basic natural means was a fine defense against germs, BUT—all of a sudden, they’re paralyzed and hypnotized by The Word. VIRUS.



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