The “coronavirus”: One possible timeline that we do NOT want to follow or allow


Question: Is Jon Rappoport the only serious investigative journalist to actually pay close attention over many years to all the so-called “epidemics” that are drummed up to both generate both distraction and fear-mongering  in the mass mind?

If so, then my hat’s off to him. THANK YOU, JON RAPPOPORT.

Please go to his website,, and read through all his recent posts on the latest coronavirus: the methods of detection that may mislead; the confluence of symptoms for this “flu” and other flues; the fact that Wuhan is an incredibly polluted city, with respiratory diseases rampant; plus, most important:  how this virus (or any of them in the past or future) — and, of course, the planned vaccine for it — is, or can be, utilized to control people everywhere, not just in China. This is a very serious scenario, folks — not the “disease,” but the FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) —  and makes me think the following is not only possible, but necessary. Check out the headline. Though Pat Buchanan is referring to other issues, this might be one that will come up for us. If they ever try to mandate any vaccines, then I, for one, opt out. Period.

Is Mass Civil Disobedience Our Future? 

All this is so telling, given both this month’s (and most of this year’s) historic Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, prelude to Pluto itself reaching its very first return, after 248 years, to its own natal place in the U.S,. chart in the coming few years.


What kind of power, and how is it to be used? Penetrating power from within, surrendered to the present moment, attuned to mystery, and drawing on the primal power that fills and fuels the universe? Or puny power over, originating without, in man-made Saturnine structures, both visible and invisible, and their “laws,” that we hide behind to keep ourselves inside the matrix, impotent.



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