Re: “prophets of doom”: Is there already too much CO2 in the atmosphere? Or are we, once again, being played.

From President Trump’s speech today at Davos:


One of the doom measurements is the much ballyhooed rise of CO2 levels in the atmosphere, due to burning fossil fuels. From NASA:

Graphic: The relentless rise of carbon dioxide

But wait! According to eminent physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson, more CO2 is good! CO2 is what plants absorb from the atmosphere and this results in the greening of the Earth.

Dyson, now 96, who calls himself a contrarian, talks about a wide range of subjects here. I especially love his perspective on models and how they simply cannot be used to predict, given that there are always unaccounted for variables.

Dyson is not alone in his views on the importance of rising levels of CO2. Here’s an environmentalist, Dr. Patrick Moore, on the same topic, who says that anything below 150 ppm of CO2 would actually result in the death of plant life.

I watched the first seven minutes of this one.


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