Today’s Virginia Gun Rally DID offer a shocking, welcome surprise!

Shocking to Virginia Democrats, including Governor Northam, and shocking to fear mongering mainstream media, urging what few sheeple remain to beLIEve in confrontation, conflict, violence, chaos, in advance.

Welcome to the rest of us, who see through the programming.

It’s as if the more bullshit the MSM spews about us deplorables, the more determined we are to do and be our best. Thank you, MSM! We’re following your lead by going in the opposite direction. From separation to unity, across all the divides.



Estimated 25,000 attending, with 16,000 armed.

Entirely peaceful. Very few police. No arrests.

Virginia sheriffs participated, declare they won’t enforce any unconstitutional laws.

These 2A folks even clean up after themselves!

The tone of today’s massive event is a very good portent for 2020 vision.

And that it occurred on MLK’s day, and exactly three years, to the day, from Trump’s first inauguration, and only one day prior to the Senate’s sham impeachment theater.

Q posted again just before midnight, to announce that now is the time. We’ve arrived. Yes. It appears so. WWG1WGA.

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