Might Tomorrow’s Virginia Showdown Offer A Shocking, Welcome Surprise?

The possibility has been seeded in the mind of the collective unconscious by an Op-Ed (see below). 

Now, if enough of us intend, strongly and persistently, while joining forces all the while, that the possibility will become manifest, then it will!!



After hysterical twittered scaremongering — supposedly seven busloads of ANTIFA thugs,  on tap to enter the single-entrance/exit enclosure dressed as MAGA supporters, pretending to be them with goal of provoking a confrontation and triggering the MSM press to blame it on the real MAGA supporters. The entire scenario designed in advance to sow confusion, chaos, and blame, and with the result of amplifying centralized power and control to quell the extreme disturbance..

Ah, but will these “antagonists” start fighting? Or will they both realize that they both require guns to stave off a crazed USG takeover, and thus agree to join forces with goal of saving the Republic rather than pretending to join forces with goal of sabotage.


In other words, this is one occasione when a drill (or rather, Antifa), happening at the same time as a scheduled FF event, rather than sowing confusion and chaos, might actually both unify polarized forces and amplify the message of those who support the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The author of this Op-ED may have unveiled the one issue that will unite all American citizens.

Read it. See if you agree.

Major Antifa Website Publishes Pro-Gun Op-Ed from Virginia Resident Planning to Attend Richmond Rally


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