Wednesday’s ARKCroneCast News: Ella and Patrick

I am very much looking forward to more patreon subscribers, which will help pay for both this site and the work it takes to prepare the ARKCroneCasts.. Life is expensive! And — Saturn/Pluto note — I just found out that my 2006 Prius may be too rusted underneath to fix the current problem. This after spending $3K for a new battery only six months ago! So I’m stopped in my tracks. Very Saturn!

So, yes, would love more  patreon subscribers!

Okay today, the video Ella’s Evolutionary Journey is up for Patreon subscribers, all tier access. It will be offered free in one month.

This week’s free ARKCroneCast is the Healing Journey with Patrick, which you can view either on Patreon or on my new youtube channel. BTW: the more subscribers I get on youtube the sooner I will be able to get a custom url for the channel.

Also, if you don’t want to be a Patreon subscriber, but are willing to do a one-time donation via paypal, they are always appreciated!

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