Saturn/Pluto conjunction exact, 1/12/2020, when HUMANITY TURNED THE CORNER

After months of Saturn inching closer and closer to Pluto, the actual Saturn/Pluto conjunction finally reached exactness, to both degree and minute — 22°43 — YESTERDAY, 1/12/20. How many times did I point to this date, to myself, to others, to the world? And of course I was wondering about the current tense geophysical situation, and had been checking news via my twitter feed all day. Then, as my dinner was heating up, I suddenly decided to get out an unused spiral notebook, and without thinking, turned to the first page and dedicated it, in haste, thus:



In case you can’t read the writing on the left hand side, in the corner I noted the time of the sudden arousal that moved me into action, 5:48 p.m., and then, below that, this:

Duty Bound to Dissolve Barriers and Release the LIFE FORCE


Duty bound (Saturn) to dissolve barriers (Saturn) and release the life force (Pluto).

And notice the Johnny’s Seed catalog I impulsively arranged peeking out from the back for the photo. (More on that later.)

So then, I decided to do the chart for this occasion, this sudden (Uranus turned to go direct on 1/11/20) poke through the barriers of habit (Saturn) to experience the onrushing life force (Pluto) through my body/mind/spirit, by setting up a structure (Saturn) that will contain my “work hard, get it done” (Saturn) To Do Lists for the entire year (Saturn: planning).

Another person might want to do this kind of dedication page with color, make it pretty, arresting, artsy, lovely, etc. But me? I just put it out there, raw and real. (More on that later, too.)

So, here’s the chart, and notice how the swiftly-moving Descendant, one of the four angles, is featured: this point, which moves one degree every four minutes, and symbolizes the point where the energy of this time and day and place meets the world, just happens to be exactly conjunct the Saturn/Pluto conjunction! And note also that this conjunction also just happens to conjunct both communicative Mercury and the Sun itself, illuminating the Saturn/Pluto climax day!

Three major, divine synchronicities!

Saturn/Pluto exactly conjunct, for the first time in 37 years, exactly conjunct the Sun, moving at the rate of one degree per day, all conjunct the Descendant, moving one degree every four minutes. The sudden onrush of Plutonian energy burst through me just as the Sun/Saturn/Pluto/Mercury conjunction hit the Descendant of the chart, forcing Mercury’s communication  of the Sun’s illumination of the climax of the old Saturn/Pluto conjunction that initiates also the beginning of the new, long Saturn/Pluto cycle. Bingo! Glad I paid attention to what intuition demanded.

Not to put too fine a point on what happened at 5:48 p.m. yesterday, 1/12/2020, for this place, Bloomington Indiana, let me try to give the import of that moment again, in different words:

Many cycles of various lengths, all converging during the same minute: Pluto (248 years) with Saturn (29.5 years) with Mercury (88 days) with Sun (365 days), all met the Descendant at 5:48 p.m. (in the 24-hour cycle of Earth turning on its axis).

Notice also that except for the intense Saturn/Pluto/Sun/Mercury/Descendant stellium, only Venus and Uranus have a major aspect, and that a wide, nearly non-existent sextile.

And hey, guess what? It turns out there is an asteroid also in the mix, exact, to the same 22°-23° Capricorn degree! Ceres, though its symbol doesn’t show up on the chart, at 22°31 Capricorn yesterday also.

Now the seed catalog underneath the List makes sense!


Also, I can’t help but think of Ceres (Demeter) in the old myth of Persephone, the innocent maiden daughter who gets abducted and ravished by Pluto. I link that to the trafficking and pedophilia Plutonian underworld that has been gradually surfacing from the collective unconscious, thanks to scapegoat figureheads like Epstein and Weinstein, and it’s probably safe to assume that 2020 will feature this global horror-show even more strongly, as well as enormous, long-running Saturn/Pluto efforts to eradicate it.

So, back to my story of my yesterday: right after this sudden Plutonian onrush Dedication, I sat down to again check my twitter feed.

Oh wow! This:

Iran Agrees Only Solution Is To De-Escalate Crisis

And right then, right then and there, I got it: THE WORLD TURNED THE CORNER on this long-awaited Saturn/Pluto day. On 1/12/20, the climactic date we have been waiting for, Iran inadvertently let us know what this shift from one Saturn/Pluto cycle to another is about.

And while it may be that Iran will back-track, and/or Trump will somehow blow this particular move in his latest genius chess game, it does feel auspicious to me that Iran would announce this de-escalation, back from what so many assumed would be World War III, exactly on the Saturn/Pluto conjunction day. Even so, whether or not this particular news lasts for very long without being overturned by some large or small glitch, I do sense that during this coming year, humanity will be experimenting with ways to move forward beyond war. Why? Because during this year Saturn will move from late Capricorn, into and out of early Aquarius, starting in late March and going through early July, when it returns back for one more run through late Capricorn. By December we will have been learning how, more and more consciously, not just to avoid war but we will have begun to get used to the idea of experimenting with other, constructive, creative, cooperative ways of channeling the enormous life force energy of Pluto.

Think about it, folks. We’ve been learning to avoid war ever since Trump became President, since, despite what appear to be close calls with North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and Iran, he steadfastly refuses to go to war, instead building up our military to emphasize Peace through Strength.

Trump, the world-striding, archetypal colossus, uses his over-the-top bully personality to force compliance. Not exactly pretty, but necessary, for now, to stop new wars from starting, since the momentum leading to war has been near-continuous for millennia.

What is war but the unevolved, childish, ignorant use of Plutonian power? Rather than negotiate, or share, nation state militaries try to obliterate, take over, or control, Why? Because our assumption, our all-too-human assumption, has been that of SCARCITY: There is not, and there never was or will be, enough to go around.

But what if that assumption is just plain wrong? What if permaculture, densely practiced in urban and suburban settings, on small farms everywhere and networked locally and regionally around the whole globe, both to remediate poisoned and desertified land and to produce the ABUNDANCE needed to let go of our fear of scarcity? What if? What if?

I sat there eating my dinner, pondering these ideas, and especially, pondering the word “war.” What do we say its opposite is? “Peace.”  But peace, to me, means passive, boring, wimpy, nice, polite, detached from full-on aliveness. “Peace,” rather than engaging the life force, tends to clamp Saturn laws and rules and walls and compartments down over it in hopes Pluto won’t erupt again, or at least, can be “securely”  contained.

Permaculture, practiced everywhere, will not be passive or boring or wimpy! Furthermore, it will require lots of experimentation, many hands on deck, working together, outside, sharing the burden and loving the cooperation and connection required with both each other and the Earth, she whose primal Plutonian power runs through all of Nature, and through all of us as natural humans, if we but dare open to her inrushing and onrushing aliveness.

What would be a word that signifies such . . . Hmmm? What’s WAR spelled backwards? Aha! RAW, as in raw and real, open, vulnerable, feeling the divine power of unconditional love move through us, learning how to channel (Saturn) this divine (Plutonian) magnificence in creative, constructive and cooperative, rather than destructive, competitive, separative ways.

Think about it: Saturn has usually been used to try (and fail) to keep a lid on Pluto. Laws, tariffs, sanctions, “rules of engagement,” military “discipline,” secrets, compartmentalization, on and on.

And Pluto has usually been used to try to grab and keep power over others (overt and covert wars, predatory capitalism, dictatorial socialism, dog eat dog politics), and often in very hidden, secretive ways (bribery, blackmail, to cover pedophilia, satanic ritual sacrifice, trafficking of children, women, drugs, organs, blood, guns, etc.).

Imagine: each of us unfolding our own singular individuality, to become completely ourselves, open to receive the bidding of the onrushing energy of the love filling and fueling the universe. Imagine, everyone doing and being that, each in his or her own way, our talents and skills exactly meeting what is needed now.

Yes, we are all equal; and no. we are not all alike. In fact just as no two birthcharts are identical, so too, no two beautiful human beings are identical. Which means: sociologically and economically, both capitalism and socialism, taken to extremes, should be tossed into the dustbin of history. From now on we need to learn to embrace both ends of any paradox, and stop thinking “it has to be one or the other.” It’s never one or the other. It’s always both/and. Nothing is simple!

WAR/RAW is what is called a “semordmilap” as distinct from palimdrone, which is the same word spelled backwards; a “semordmilap” (coined by lovers of word games) uses the same letters in mirror order, spelled backwards to form a different word. (And yes, “semordmilap” happens to be the plural of the same word “palimdrone,” itself spelled backwards!)

Two other word-mirrors in the same vein that I find equally revealing, are more commonly mentioned: dog/god and live/evil. In fact, I’ve never heard of anyone mentioning war/raw. Have I been sheltered? Or did we just not realize that we could construct an entire world-view, in fact, a brand new paradigm that is truly beyond war, not just the temporary absence of war, as “peace” tends to be, but a permanent state, by allowing ourselves to live RAW and real, fully alive, in a forever state of becoming, evolving, changing, attuned to both various cycles that Earth undergoes, as well as various cycles our own bodies (as antennas for earth) undergo on the journey from birth to death.

Saturn/Pluto for 2020: Aquarian experiments in channeling (Saturn) the life force (Pluto) in creative, constructive, cooperative ways. Allowing that mighty Plutonian river to flow where it will, each person sovereign, at every level. open and loving. Beyond polite. As if loosely holding the reins of a powerful horse, or elephant, communing through one’s spread-eagle legs, bareback astride.

Those of us who embrace RAW instead of WAR let go of scarcity and welcome abundance, place our whole selves in service to the task of creating with others, a brand new paradigm that can usher in a future that is not destructive, but constructive. Governments, and  entrenched bureaucracies of all kinds, including the military industrial complex,  established religions, educational and medical systems, perhaps even money itself, will gradually fade away or suddenly crumble, as abstract hierarchies of all sorts designed to control go by the wayside in favor of authentic sovereign spirituality that includes and learns from Nature. The internet, and other technocratic, electronic, AI realms will either be harnessed ethically, or die off too, as, we, in communion with our own bodies and souls, remember how to communicate with each other through telepathy. Once we know what each other is thinking, we won’t need the internet, and we won’t be able to lie and deceive anymore. And besides, who will need to lie, when the world is filled with abundance?

Saturn and Jupiter both move into Aquarius between the December 18 and 20, 2020, just in time for Winter Solstice. We will utilize 2020 to begin to embrace the results of Aquarian experiments in cooperative living, especially between March and July 2020. In 2025, Pluto will itself move into Aquarius, by which time the coming Aquarian Age will begin to feel normal. Between now and then, expect a rocky, tumultuous road, littered with miracles.

On 1/12/2010 we rounded the corner, and can see, with clear 2020 vision, ahead.

The new world-view is within reach.

And we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.




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