Today, Saturn and Pluto conjunct exactly, by degree, and to the minute

Saturn/Pluto conjunct 22°48 Capricorn.

I offer you one astrologer’s excellent contemplation of the past two Saturn/Pluto cycles, leading up to the ending of this cycle and the beginning of another. BTW: the halfway point for this last Saturn/Pluto cycle (Saturn opposite Pluto) is forever symbolized by the iconic events of 9/11. Note: on the morning of that surreal and horrific day, the first Tower was hit when Pluto was on the Ascendant and Saturn on the Descendant of the chart for the U.S.A. Bingo.

The Sabian Symbol for the 23rd degree of Capricorn:


Sabian Symbols: Saturn Pluto Conjunction 2020


The hint here is that these are times when the need arises for exceptional service. What we may hope for is that certain people step up and, at some personal cost, are willing to confront injustice. We may trust they will be rewarded for doing so.

The last cycle of Saturn-Pluto was very clearly brought to a head by the World Trade Centre atrocity and as another begins, that cycle is now ending.

Did we learn whatever we were being prompted to learn? Who can say?

The Sabian Symbol for that event was: “A Widow’s Past Brought to Light”, which is very much to do with dealing with unresolved issues from the past.

Each of us has that to do on every level, and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will expose the extent to which we have not yet done so.


On this long-awaited day, the brave people of Iran are rising up en masse to confront their tyrannical government.


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