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This visit did feel quite Saturn/Pluto, especially my work with Kiera to clear her art table. An immense effort went into this, and the result feels very satisfying to both of us. Less satisfying, but equally Saturn/Pluto, and thank goodness I know how to keep going when the going gets rough, was my final (lost, arduous, long, exhausted walk in the woods.. .

BTW: my trip home felt just as amazing as did the trip out. Everywhere I looked, if I met people’s eyes and smiled, they smiled back, and often much more, as I enjoyed conversation after conversation with busy, weary travelers like myself. It’s as if the Saturn mask just needs to be invited to drop off, to liberate the Plutonian life force energy. An example: after we had taxied to the gate in Indianapolis, a young woman got up across from me and stood, waiting to go. I reached up and felt the cloth of her wonderfully wrinkly dress. She looked down, not with alarm, but curious. I smiled, said, “What a great dress! Especially with that belt!” That led to a spirited conversation between the two of us and the old woman sitting next to me, about how we used to iron everything, not just dresses, but pillowcases, hankies, even sheets! Old woman:”I grew up on a farm. My grandpa used to give me a quarter for each work shirt that I ironed for him. He would wear his work shirt out to feed the hogs! Do you think the hogs cared?” Peels of laughter all around. A very good day.

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