With Grandkids, 1/9/2020: Cleaning project completed, but with a twist

Saturn/Pluto conjunct (exact to both degree and minute on Sunday) is guaranteed to throw a wrench into forward movement of any hard task, no matter how much momentum has been generated. At least that’s what I’ve experienced so far, and the key is to just surf the sudden and unexpected change in plans. And actually, it’s not Saturn/Pluto that’s the culprit, it’s the fact that unpredictable Uranus is now stationary, turning to go direct tomorrow, when  Kiera and I both fly out.

But will Kiera fly out? She got sick on the evening of the day we went to Nancy’s, which threw our well-oiled forward motion of actually cleaning up her stuck energy table area at Sean’s. We’d spent two days on it, and had only an hour or two left to go. It would be easy to get it done.

So now what? All day yesterday she spent in bed at her Mom’s house with a fairly high fever, and I spent here at Sean’s working on a two-part essay I was invited to compose for the newsletter that goes out to Crones Counsel folks. Last night Drew was again here for dinner, and the two of us once again jumped into a geopolitical discussion that went all over the place, but especially focused on that Ricky Gervais Golden Globes red-pill. But then, was he really what he appeared to be? I asked that in the middle of the night, when, in one of my sleepless ipad hours I came across this:

We Need to Talk About That Ricky Gervais Monologue at the Golden Globes

So important to stay centered, and balanced, and open to new perspectives. Drew is very good at that, in part due to his wonderful Political Science teacher who has them all debating current issues every day, and goes by no curriculum except his own. YES!

This morning, dilemma: Kiera is still sick. Should I finish our cleaning project on my own, even though the only way she would allow me to  help her earlier was to separate what was trash from what was donated or recycled. I.e., she had to go through every little thing, big or small, first. Would I invite her Mars/Moon in late Aries wrath if I took over?

I decided I would do it, just get it done. I knew she considered much of what was on the table top sacred. And that there was another full box on the floor by the chair, and some piled stuff on the chair that she had already decided to keep.

Okay. I’ll get boxes, put each pile in one, and label it. “This stuff on floor, not yet gone through,” This stuff on chair, already saved,” “This stuff on table top,” etc. and then get all the boxes upstairs, to her bedroom, where she can go through them the next time she’s home. So that’s what I did, even clearing the rest of the shelves, and the extremely gunky place behind the shelves that was full of hair and cobwebs.

The stuff, now relocated, and with labels:



The newly cleared room!

Decided to leave a memento for Sean, saving the stuff attached to the light, so that when he’s working there, he will be reminded of his intensely creative and prolific Sun in Leo daughter.

Sean and I and Lily . . .

— odd name for a large, powerful, heavily muscled dog, until you remember that the name comes from “Lilith” Eve’s sister, the wild one. Told Sean this, and reminded him that the first Lilith figure in his life was me, his Mom (poor Sean!), the second, his daughter Kiera,. “She represents a hidden, wild, feminine part of yourself that you have projected upon others.” He took it pretty well.

Sean and Lilith in nearby woods, yesterday.

Sue made some chicken soup for Kiera and I’ll walk over to heat it up for her now. Then hike, this time solo, in the same nearby woods once more, and finish my Crone writing here at Sean’s, just in time for a political debate with Drew this evening, and, finally, The Bill Hicks Story with the two of them. Off to the airport early tomorrow morning, hopefully with Kiera, too.

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