With Grandkids, 1/7/2020: Woods and OPENING SPACE!

Saturn now exact conjunction with Pluto to the degree: 22° Capricorn. Still a few minutes away from exactness, on January 12, at 22° 41.  On our hike today, I told 19-year-old Kiera about the Saturn/Pluto drama, and how her project, to clean up the table that has been sitting there, gathering detritus from her various art projects from the time she was five years old, fits into that drama. The awful state of the table and its surroundings: Saturn, stuck. Clearing it: Pluto, releasing the energy that has been unable to emerge.

Since  the mess has been sitting there for 14-15 years years, it corresponds to a half a Saturn cycle! Wouldn’t you know, she would clean it now. “Yes,” she said. “I wanted to clean it before, but I wasn’t able to throw anything out yet.”

Yesterday, when her Dad Sean walked down the stairs to see what progress we had already made, he was obviously delighted, something his normally taciturn self does not usually display! Almost immediately, he said, “Now maybe I’ll move my office in here!” Yes. It’s yours now, Dad.

Here are a few from todays walk, again in a nearby conservation district. There are many in this part of Massachusetts, each only minutes way, all with walking paths.

And here are photos from day two of our project. BTW: we are so committed to complete the clean-up of her stuff from all public areas of Sean’s house that I decided we would forgo any trip into Boston to look at permaculture projects. This is, simply, the priority, and we only have a few more days before we both fly out.

The way we do it: she goes through all the stuff first, throwing out what she doesn’t want to keep, and I separate that stuff into donations, recycling (plastics, paper), and trash. We’ve become quite a team. “I’m putting everything that I wonder whether or not I actually want to keep it on the table top, and will tackle that last.” Good plan. So:

Day two, with dog:

Bending over table:

A few things she decided not to keep but I love:

Partially destroyed toilet paper doll:

Christmas ornament:

Early horse, with her mother’s writing of Kiera’s story. Notice the child above the horse. She tells me she never did draw a horizontal line to indicate the ground. In other words, she says, she never did reduce her drawings to 2D.

Horse, when her talent had developed further:

Tiny basket, with fork to show size:


Felt cover for phone:

Wooden stove, covered with tin foil:

Fishing box, made entirely of duct tape! “I had a fishing pole too, made out of a broom. But I never caught any fish, because it meant I’d have to take the hook out of its mouth.”

Table top time!

“Hey Grannie Annie.” Next Christmas we’ll have to tackle my room!”

Interesting that for me, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is occurring exactly opposite my Jupiter in Cancer: family. Yes. Let’s unleash the enormous life inside us all.




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