With Grandkids, 1/3-4/2020: MK Ultra Survivor Cathy O’Brien’s Vision 2020 — and Bill Hicks!

The first evening I was here in Boston, Sean, Drew and I had a political conversation over dinner. It turns out that Drew has a Political Science class as a Junior in high school, and they all debate the events of the day. I asked him if he’s ever heard about how pedophilia has infected society. Conversation stopped. I went on a rant — the CIA, Project Paperclip, mind control, MK Ultra, ending up with asking him to investigate, as I always do, by starting with Fred Burks section on mind control in his wanttoknow.info site, and then Cathy O’Brien’s book (and pdf), Trance Formation of America,

I decided later to go to Cathy’s website, and look at her Vision 2020: Love the perspective of this MK Ultra mind controlled sex slave trafficked to both the White House and the Pentagon during the Reagan years. I then scrolled through other blogposts of hers, and was especially interested in her view of Ronald Reagan.

In our political conversation, Drew remembered that I had talked about “mind control” when he and granddaughter Kiera visited me in Bloomington, in summer of 2018. But his class had not discussed it. Will he now bring it to that table? He did say that his teacher doesn’t think Trump wants war, given what he’s said and done so far.

Then, last night, waiting for dinner, this time with Kiera present, we got into the subject of Bill Hicks. Kiera noticed the little “meditating ET” button on my purse, but not the equally tiny Bill Hicks button that my housemate Dan made for me. I told them about the day I was at the post office and laid my purse on the counter to put just-bought stamps on envelopes. The clerk, a middle-aged, greasy-haired woman, noticed the Hicks button and said, “Is that Bill Hicks?” “Yes,” I responded, looking her in the eye. For one long meaningful minute the two of us stared at each other, entranced by our common (and hidden) perspective on life.

As I told that story, right then and there, I plunked my ipad on the kitchen counter and played Bill Hicks most famous rant, Life is Just A Ride, for them, with Sean preparing dinner in the background.

At the end, Drew asks, “Is he Democrat or Republican?” “It doesn’t matter,” I tell him, from Hick’s larger perspective, they are two sides of one coin.”

Drew, always thoughtful, and with a very subtle and probing mind, was caught by surprise; then he asked, how we can always just “choose between love and fear?” Says that “while it’s a good idea, it’s not realistic.” More food for thought for that Political Science whiz.

And, hearkening back to architectural student Kiera’s next semester class on “Design in Space,” will she see Hick’s final words, that “we can explore space, both outer and inner,” as meaningful?

I’m deeply impressed by at least these two post-millennial generation members’ capacity to remain sane, centered, and balanced, while beginning to investigate and respond to realms of which I am only dimly aware. So grateful to be their Grannie Annie!


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  1. rose day says:

    Kudos to your grand-children’s mother and father . . . a true gift!

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