Happy New Year! Vandana Shiva plus Numerology

Green Acres Village podmate Gabrielle posted this wonderful message on the Green Acres Village facebook page. Yes!

It’s weird. Even though I know intuitively, and through astrology, that the intensity we are all experiencing isn’t going to let go for some time, even so, I have an entirely different “feeling” about 2020 than I did about 2019. I look upon what we just went through with distaste and disgust. The 19, in numerology, BTW, which reduces to a 1 (1 + 9 = 10 = 1), is interesting in that the 19 is a number that contains both the beginning (1) and the end (9) and signifies the full power of creative energy expressed through learning some kind of a karmic lesson.

Well, I’d say that this nation is learning just how much karma it has accumulated since its inception. Especially given our propensity for ruining the earth with rapacious consumerism, our near- continuous wars, and our “exceptional” assumption that we can lord it over the whole world. Meanwhile, the secretive and corrupt elites blackmail each other with pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse and child sacrifice, trafficking, on and on and on. This past year has seen so very much horrific stuff buried in the mass mind finally come to the surface!

For the full numerology of 2019, add 2 to 19(1), and you get 3, the number of creativity and full on expressiveness. Hopefully some of us are actually manifesting the joy and abundance of the number 3, no matter how much junk we’ve had to haul up from the unconscious and unload to do so!

In any case, thank you, 2019.

But now, we find ourselves in a double 20 year. 2020! What is the numerological significance of the 20, which reduces to a 2? Any number with the 0 behind it also is said to have the god force working with it, given that 0 reflects the spaciousness of infinity.  Two is the number of relationship, balance, fairness, sensitivity, diplomacy — in this case, with the God force present, and DOUBLED. Whew!

Add the 2020 all together and we get 4, the number of structure, foundation. If the three is creative, then the four grounds that creativity, manifesting it into form.

Here I think of all the old, outmoded or outworn Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Capricorn structures, at every level — from theological through governmental, down through philosophical, cultural, political, linguistic, psychological, depth psychological — that need to be addressed, possibly scrapped, or at least completely reconfigured . . . whew! Can we do it? Can we begin to act together (the doubled, god-force infused 2), using teamwork, to actually get things done? Can we let go or destroy those old forms in order to allow and encourage new forms to grow in their place? New forms that will allow the primal life force to move through, finally?

If each of us does our part, follows our own soul’s call, then together we will re-enter — and re-member ourselves within — the intricate, interconnected web of mysterious aliveness that bathes this beautiful green planet in its ever-arising and ever-decaying, winter to spring to summer to fall, birth, growth, maturation, and dying, at every level, its recycling of all that lives and loves, and then, when the time comes,  gracefully lets go.


2020: Where We Go One We Go All.

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