ARKCroneCast as the new year begins

I began ARKCroneCast on November 21, as transit Jupiter exactly conjuncted my 27° Sagittarian Sun and timed it so transit Neptune exactly conjuncted the 15° Pisces Ascendant. Predictably, the philosophical nature of the endeavor (Jupiter/Sun) is somewhat hard to fathom and/or describe, plus Neptune’s presence on the Ascendant makes the situation somewhat confusing, or messy, in its inception. “Let’s see now, what have we already put up?” “Oops, I got the Patrick story mixed up with the Phil story . . .”

But, as it is my nature to persevere, especially when initiating new ventures with no obvious precursor, and especially given that the transit Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn behemoth is, all this time, opposing my natal Jupiter in Cancer, I’m pressing on, determined to show the world what “processing experience” looks like over time, especially when one has the astrological language to help structure the widening space/time arcs  of meaning that do snap into place as completed wholes (cycles), which, in turn, help us to recognize the mysterious magical journey of human life when lived as consciously as possible.

Speaking of new ventures when there are no other models for them, when I began Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging (1989-2001), I got huge blowback from all sorts of people who couldn’t believe I would put “that word” on the cover of a magazine. And, a few years later, when the venture was far enough along to seek distribution to both chain and local bookstores, they had trouble knowing whether or not to take it, because there were no other magazines like it, no obvious slot or category in which to place it. So which shelf would it belong on?

Even so, Crone Chronicles did twice receive annual awards from Utne Reader, And the Crones Counsel, an offshoot of the magazine, has met yearly, since 1993. So I have had enough feedback in my life to realize that my strange ideas do bear fruit over time.

This patreon venture, which will help pay for my internet costs, and they are considerable, now has four members! Yay! None of my family has joined, however, (shades of my birthday) nor any of my close friends — except for fellow blogger Laura Bruno, who stepped up immediately! Thanks again, Laura! Pssst — It would help a lot if some of those close to me would seriously consider the idea.

Today, January 1, 2020, producer Gabby has done the following:

Put “Phenomena” up for free on youtube. Here it is:


Put “Healing Journey with Patrick” as a free video on patreon (it will go to youtube free on 1/11/2020).

And she has uploaded my new video, “My year with a ‘Bad Man’ to my four patreon monthly subscribers.

There are already a total of nine audios and videos on the ARKCroneCast patreon site. Plus, during this two week Christmas/New Years pause, I made audios of an entire manuscript, MY SECRET LIFE: Ten Tools for Transformation, which she will edit, chapter by chapter, while I’m in Boston with my grandkids and son Sean, January 3-11. I wrote that book back in 1997; the ten tools discussed are the ones I still use to negotiate my way through life.

What makes me realize, without a doubt, that this project is one I’m meant to be doing is that it’s so much fun! Each time I record either an audio of an essay or a video of a story I feel energized, rather than drained. YES!

So, if you are at all inclined, I would love to have you join me on patreon. And if you truly can’t afford to spend money that way, realize also that each of the audios and videos, eventually, will be offered free. First, after one month, on patreon, and then, a week later, on youtube.

For anyone who wants to donate to this “cause,” but doesn’t want to pay monthly, there’s a DONATE button at the top of the exopermaculture home page.

And/or, if you’d like to make a tax-deductible contribution to (Association for Regenerative Culture), those funds can be earmarked for Green Acres Village (see donate button at bottom of page, select Green Acres in the pulldown menu).

And remember, once I really get rolling with the ARKCroneCast series, I will likely also   hold discussions with others, about the arcs of meaning found in their lives, too.




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