Internet was down for nearly three days. (Did I “miss” anything?)

We have been indulging a screen-free life around here. That includes actually reading printed books!

I’m convinced screens do alter brain chemistry, since when deeply involved in screen life, especially when scrolling through Twitter, my attention span is severely impacted. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to return to pre-screen brain patterns. But what about kids who are now literally raised on screens? What if the internet goes down? And deeper: What if electricity goes down, even temporarily?

I’ve been screen-free on Sundays for three weeks now, and so the three day hiatus was not as much a shock as it would have been had I not already been observing my newly instituted weekly dopamine fast.

Meanwhile, as we head into the extraordinary Saturn/Pluto year of 2020, when each of us is being asked to identify and either reconfigure or completely eliminate Saturnine structures, walls, channels, patterns, either visible or invisible, which no longer allow the ever-arising primal Plutonian life force to flow through unimpeded.

For example: just yesterday, as she was cutting my hair, Tami (not her real name), and a mother of six, told me that she is reconsidering getting her college degree in business. She said she has been doing it, because the telecommunications company that she works for pays for it. But, she said, “Do I really want to climb their corporate ladder? NO. What I want to do is teach kids about LOVE . . . so I need to become a teacher, get a teaching degree.” Yes, Tami!

Then there’s my dear friend Perry, a retired academic, who stopped by this morning on her way to Paris (and Israel, on the day Saturn/Pluto go to exact conjunction January 12 . . .). I won’t see her again for probably a year.

She starts out: “I really consider Trump a violent person.”

I gulped, aware of what would happen next, and said, looking her in the eyes: “Well, I don’t.”

She looked at me dumbfounded. That led to a three hour discussion, with me shifting into a white-hot Saturn/Pluto heat, and her into total shock. Part of our intense discussion was within earshot of the silent AT&T man working on the router. At one point, when I was talking about CIA mind control programs and MK ULTRA, he suddenly remarked, “Didn’t the government do that with LSD?” Wow! Bingo. A red-pilled worker in this blue-pilled academic town.

Perry finally left, still reeling from hearing about not just pedophilia, but how it has been used to blackmail politicians and others in high places, plus, of course, worse: trafficking of all kinds, satanic ritual abuse, snuff films, and so on.  In her hand when she walked out,  a piece of paper with the title of Cathy O’Brien’s book, Trance Formation of America. “Read this,” I told her, and then we’ll communicate further.

Oh, but let’s not get so serious, shall we? 2020 will be serious enough, without getting a jump on it. Okay, well, how about this, from twitter. Yep, it’s all about identity, and yep, identity is newly defined, on a purely physical level, as what body one has or doesn’t want to have, or wants to fundamentally alter, etc. etc. etc. All sorts of combinations!  Yes, let’s focus on that absurdity, shall we? Candace Owen nails it. Oh, and BTW, for me to truly understand, Candace needed to say “Woman gives birth to female partner’s baby with male sperm donor.” I.e., the (biological female, who identifies as “non-binary”) partner provided the egg. The donated sperm was then united with the egg and planted into the so-called “transgender man”‘s (also a biological woman) body.” BTW: I heard that the doctor was also trans.


Or, how about this, one incisive backstory to a current cultural mind-control program to incite Climate Change alarmism to both make money off “carbon credits,” and other taxes, and, in the end, via this global false flag and all sorts of identity politics used to divide us from one another, will, they hope — and it’s probably already too late, given that Trump is leading the way by calling for nationalism rather than globalism — usher in the long planned centralized police state, i.e. New World Order.

Oops! Just got serious again. Serious and intense. Saturn/Pluto! Yep. Got to be myself. Got to allow the massive life force that fuels the universe to flow through this body, this mind, this mouth.

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