Post-Christmas Update and Exhortation: FOLLOW YOUR NATURE!

I’m spending this post-Christmas week doing audios of the chapters of the long manuscript that I turned into an e-book, MY SECRET LIFE: Ten Tools for Transformation. 

These tools are the following: Death (three chapters), Walking, Processing, Journal, Dreams, Autobiography, Astrology (three chapters), and Body (four chapters).

Notice: none of my “tools” require money. Instead, they require focus, determination, dedication, and above all, AWARENESS!

Once again, I’m recognizing that whoever this was who used to write so well, all my 77-year-old self can do is admire her! And once again, I’m recognizing that what I “know” I’ve always known, ever since the moment when I woke up at 26 in the hospital bed, tubes and needles into every vein, to this command, my soul calling in a deep male voice: ‘LIVE OR DIE. IT’S YOUR CHOICE.”

All I had to do was actually make a conscious decision to live, to follow my nature, and nature would take care of me.

Meanwhile, get a load of this card. Sister Paula sent it, late, for my birthday and Christmas combined.


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  1. Hi Ann–wonder if you could re-post a picture of your Dad playing piano and
    a little boy dancing facing the camera. Who was that boy? It has been awhile
    but would love to see it again.

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