New Moon in Capricorn, December 26: CONJUNCT JUPITER!

I started this post two days ago, but didn’t finish it. Now I realize it should follow the one I just did, this Christmas morning.

I’m going to view this New Moon personally, since its position feels extremely portentous for me. To wit: Tomorrow’s  New Moon at 4°13 Capricorn conjuncts both transit Jupiter at 5°20 Capricorn and my natal Venus/Mercury which span 5° to 7° Capricorn.

(BTW: this New Moon, calculated for Bloomington Indiana below, for 12:13 AM 12/26/19, is also a partial annular eclipse of the Sun, visible over Europe and Asia, but not the Americas.)

I look at Jupiter with Venus and ordinarily one would think “love interest” — but in this case I feel it has to do with my work (Capricorn!). That I am to get my written and voiced corpus out there, that this is my unfinished business (South Node conjunct Jupiter): to softly, homeopathically, massage the wounded collective unconscious (North Node in Cancer) from below. One by one, I invite others to wake up as to how extravagantly each of us is loved in the universe. By absorbing stories of my own personal experiences and how they connect to one another, hopefully this will ignite each person’s own inner exploration. May we all find and begin to tell the personal stories that link events and processes through space and time, thereby rendering our lives full of meaning.

This was the healing work of Elders in aboriginal cultures. It is work to which we need to return now. Our culture worships “knowledge,” i.e., “facts,” which continuously dissolve into the ongoing viral digital contagion. We have ignored the calming wisdom that arises from consciously processing our experiences over time. Those of us who have actually done this, I invite you to come forward! Join me at ARKCroneCast! And those of you who have not done this, join me there to learn how!

And wouldn’t you know: this New Moon transit Mercury sits at 25° Sagittarius, conjunct my Sun/Ascendant at 21°-27° Sagitrtarius and that the transit Sun/Moon/Jupiter/South Node combo closely trines transit Uranus at 2° Taurus, lending an aura of surprise.

Plus transit Mars sextiles the big one, transit Saturn/Pluto and opposes my natal Moon!

Plus transit Venus opposite my natal Pluto! Whew!

No wonder I feel driven now. My natal Mars in Sagittarius is in the 12th house of the collective unconscious: my work as a philosophical Sagittarian is to delve into the unconscious of the collective and begin to knit together multidimensional perspectives through arcs of space and time. Yes, says this New Moon lighting up transit Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, YES!

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