A few (Political) Christmas Funnies — and What I’m Up To

Santa Claus Accused of Quid Pro Quo for Giving Children Gifts in Exchange for Good Behavior


The campus social justice warrior’s guide to celebrating Christmas

Plus  this one. Really? Get real.

BAH-HUMBUG: Buzzfeed Calls for People to Fight with Relatives over Trump on Christmas Eve

My son Colin Cudmore and I will get together this Christmas afternoon for a long walk, chicken dinner here, and then a movie at the local mall: Richard Jewell, Clint Eastwood’s latest. I fly to Boston January 3-11, to visit son Sean, and grandkids Drew and Kiera, before she flies back to Boulder for the second semester of her sophomore year. Meanwhile, have been busy with my ongoing Recapitulation Project, gathering and sharing as much of my written output from the last 40 years as possible before I kick the bucket! Am beginning to share the wealth of this conscious crone’s “wisdom” (or: “learning from experience”)  as audio and video ARKCroneCasts as well, on patreon.com. PLEASE JOIN ME!

Granddaughter Kiera on the phone two days ago: “Do you still find what you wrote 20 years ago interesting and worthwhile?” Great question. Answer: YES! Surprisingly. I have discovered that if one drops from persona into essence, and then writes from that place, one’s signature remains the same, on all levels. I must have dropped into essence early on, because I find most of what I wrote decades ago well worth sharing and, in fact, at 77 years of age, I feel like a scribe, trying to keep up with the massive output of my younger self who “knew” exactly what I “know” now, but, frankly, was much more capable of holding a sustained focused flow. Do I attribute this change to age? Or to the dizzying fractionalization of our culture? Or both. Probably  both.

In any case, I view what I’m doing with ARKCroneCasts as a sort of subtle, homeopathic massage for the collective unconscious. So much turbulence down there! Let’s begin to make sense of it, create meaning for it through space and time, by consciously noticing crucial nodes in our own journeys, and connecting them as dots, to find patterns, in many ways, all depending on what kinds of stories we’re telling! The possibilities are infinite!

Hint: While “Space Force” may be the latest buzz in humanity’s determination to lift off Earth, the REAL FRONTIER, folks, lies within. 

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