HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE! Exact time 11:20 pm 12/21/19 for Washington, D.C.


Remember Winter Solstice, 2017? That was the date of a startling Executive Order.

Executive Order Blocking Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

Today in Qanon language, happens to be the “2-year delta” for that EO.

That EO came after not quite two months of Qanon’s start, on October 28, 2017.

Which also happens to have been the very same day John Durham was appointed as U.S. Attorney.

Another”Q proof,” indicating remarkable timing, and perhaps even control (believe it or not!) of the Space/Time field we operate within.

Now the House Impeachment sham seems to be hung out to dry. The Horowitz Report is out, citing 17 “mistakes,” all favoring Hillary Clinton. AG Attorney General Bill Barr has been on various MSM news programs putting that report in context. Durham is reportedly looking into all the comms of John Brennan. Flynn’s attorney is also talking to news media, once again saying “Flynn knows where all the bodies are buried.” And another hero, Admiral Rogers, is cooperating with Durham’s investigation. (As head of the NSA, Rogers didn’t go along with the CIA/FBI attempted coup, and instead warned Trump about surveillance of the Trump Tower before his inauguration.)

I don’t usually listen to Mike Adams. He tends to be a fear-monger. But I did stay riveted to this story with video, as I think he’s right, we are inside an extremely critical, make it or break it, period in U.S. history.

Do you believe me now? Democrats actively rolling out scheme to remove VP Mike Pence so they can install Nancy Pelosi, then Hillary Clinton as President… the CRIMINAL COUP IS HERE


So, to return to the chart for this Winter Solstice, above:

Most obvious configuration: T-cross with Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus: A dark, turbulent emotional period, with lots of feminine energy, and unpredictable (telluric? financial? security-disruptive) events. 

Note the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, only two degrees apart (exact on January 12 2020) and on the cusp of the dramatic 5th house. During these few days this conjunction sits in a close  sextile (60°) to Mars in Scorpio: Mars (martial? military?) action, arising from below (Scorpio)? Example: the events currently rumbling from below in Virginia, pitting a now forming “militia” against state government plans to confiscate guns.

Note the Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn, with Sun moving towards Jupiter, to reach it in four or five days. Both in the 4th house of the home base: some kind of expansive governmental/structural event approaching?

And finally, note what makes this chart so exacting: Mercury sits directly on the root point of the chart, in Sagittarius, square Neptune in Pisces, itself only five degrees from the Descendant: Lots of perspectives rising from below, but much of it extremely confusing. 

With mutable signs on all the angles, the situation is rapidly changing, and the Virgo Ascendant indicates need for discernment, close analysis, especially given the confusing Neptunian fog of swirling perspectives, none of which are truly “out in the open,” due to the 4th house cusp placement of Mercury.  

How long is this chart “good” for? Well, we could view it as the first moment of the brand new year. Winter Solstice: when the Sun, having been darkening for so long, will, within several days, begin to grow the days longer again. Dark to light. Illumination is at hand.

It pays to think of this chart, and any chart constructed during this coming year, as part of a process leading up to December 2020, when Saturn and Jupiter will both exit heavy, stuck, hierarchical Capricorn, for experimental decentralized Aquarius.

And it pays to think of the above process as part of another, larger one, the coming first Pluto Return to its original position in the U.S. chart (2021-2025). This national crisis is not over. Not by a long shot. What the U.S. must do, or die, is learn how to use Plutonian power wisely. Rather than spraying death and destruction over the entire world in order to dominate, the U.S. must learn to empower its own high purpose — lead the way by demonstrating how to be at one with the Plutonian life force, this all-encompassing, unconditional living LOVE that fills and fuels our human hearts, our beloved Mother Earth, and the mysterious cosmos which holds this precious planet as one infinitesimal speck within a vast spinning unknown.


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