It’s my birthday and none of my siblings have called me!

Yep! Just want to call all seven of them out on that. Oops! Maybe it’s because I’m the one who tells them when everybody else’s birthday is?

On the other hand, two of my sibs emailed a happy birthday to me on our sister Kathy’s birthday, December 11. Maybe they’re all confused?

It’s hilarious, whatever the reason for this confusion, or derangement, or whatever. Reminds me of so much else that’s going “wrong” in this crazy world.

On the other hand, I’ve heard from gobs of fb friends, many of whom I actually know personally, and came out of the woodwork to say Happy Birthday. One of them even sent me the Beatles Birthday song. Thanks! Plus all my podmates here in Green Acres Permaculture Village. So all’s well. Even Andreas, who’s back home in Cyprus for the holidays, texted me.


This evening after our regular Community Dinner and Solstice Blessing (I know, we’re two nights early), I’ll be giving a short presentation on the energetic signature of the Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn Conjunction and how it’s impacting us.

And I’m spending several days with a new series for my AK Reader Recapitulation Project, namely, retyping a set of eight columns I wrote for my hometown newspaper in Twin Falls, Idaho, when I landed back there in 1974 after 15 years away. It’s called “Coming Back Home” and caused such an enormous, and polarized, response that the publisher said he finally had to put a stop to it. I’ll be posting a few of them soon here, and will collect them all (plus responses) into another of my many promised e-books.

So hard to keep up with myself, after 77 years, and most fiery cylinders still running!

Meanwhile, I found an old “resume,” from 2002, I think. I realize when I read the final two paragraphs, that I’m still doing the exact same thing I have been all along.

Guess what folks. There really is such a thing as “essence,” one’s unchanging original nature that gets covered over, smothered even, with “personality.’

Here’s those final two paragraphs. They illustrate well, what I really want to do, write my “magnum opus” on, you guessed it, CIRCLES AND CYCLES. Someday. Someday. How many decades have I left? And will this country go down in Plutonian flames before any of us have lived out our destinies?

From that old resume (the only one I ever did):


I see life as an infinite series of overlapping circles, or cycles, with the center everywhere and the circumference nowhere.


I work for peace on earth and peace within, through continuously opening space, by transforming the way I and other humans understand and work with polarities.

Originally, we experience polarity as projection; we identify with one side and “project” the other out, into the external world. By enlarging our awareness, we can learn to see polarity as a straight line axis, locate ourselves at the stillpoint in the center, and include both poles in consciousness as paradox. Expanding our viewpoint further, the still point becomes the center of a circle, with an infinite number of polarities as diameters of the circle. (One can extend the metaphor from two-dimensions to three, by expanding each circle into a globe.) Each circle can be viewed as concentrically embedded within other, larger circles. Each of us stands at the center of our own series of expanding circles which overlap eventually, with all others. The circumference of some circle of everybody else moves through the center of ourselves. This solves the original problem of Green philosophy: for we are both individuals and community, both the Many and the One.


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