Birthday Update . . . Mea Culpa!

Within two hours of my sending sibs this morning’s post, with its mortifying headline, I have already heard back from four of them. The first, John, sang me Happy Birthday in his elder’s tremulous bass, somewhere in his car in Seattle. Mark, in Spokane, a musician and composer himself, looked on youtube to find the perfect birthday song, given the circumstances.

I told him it would be even better if HE were the one singing the song. So he’s going to record it himself as a video to send next year, and I told him to send it to anyone for their birthday, not just me!

Then I got emails from both Kathy and Paula. Kathy, in the mountains of Idaho, sent me this:



Geez! Calm down, girl!

Paula, in Louisiana, spent time in Mass praying for me, something she’s done over the years. I appreciate this demonstration of her sisterly solidarity. Thanks Paula and David!

She meant “Pierce Street,” where we lived up until I was in10th grade and she four years younger. Paula must be referring to some occasion when she rode with me on the back of my horse Goldie up the front stairs of our house. I don’t share that memory, but I’m sure we’d both laugh if I did.

I just eagerly checked the mailbox.. No cards yet. Will let both of you know when they arrive.

Meanwhile, Kristin? Marnie? John K? Come on! It’s time to check in with your presiding matriarch!

As time marches on, I feel closer and closer to my brothers and sisters, even as our lives fan out in their own inimitable directions. So grateful!

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