CroneCast #6a & #6b: Two Audios on Addiction

The regular “Wednesday drop” is now here for all patreon subscribers. BTW: my Executive Producer, Gabby, thinks that both these audios should be available to the Tier #1 folks, given that during the Christmas season our addictions tend to loom large . . . So that’s what we’ll do: for $5/month, you can start with a bang with these two audios. (We’ve set it up so Tier 1 folks usually get videos, but not audios.)

Gabby also wants to make CroneCast #4, “Phenomena,” an audio, public on Christmas Eve and CroneCast #5, a video, “The Healing Journey of Patrick,” free to the public on New Years’ Eve. Our Solstice/Christmas season gifts to you!


In the above audio, I tell the process that I went through in order to let go of cigarettes to remind us all that 1) there is a distinction between personality and higher self or soul. 2) That what is addicted (to anything) is the persona, not the soul. 3) That the persona was first constructed in childhood, so that the one who is addicted is the wounded child. The solution for me: 1) Let the soul take charge of letting go, and 2) Give that child another, easy-to-let-go-of addiction, for one year, so that she wouldn’t get too pissed and try to get back to cigarettes. This strategy worked!


In the second audio, I place the phenomenon of addiction within a multidimensional framework of the Space/Time field that locates each of us in the very center of an expanding universe with no circumference and the center everywhere. Each of us, standing in the center of the universe, is surrounded by an infinity of concentric space/time cycles, each of them filling a living breathing membrane, bending round back towards where it began. Within this perspective, the phenomenon of addiction can be viewed as getting stuck inside a small repeating cycle.

This presentation was first given to the Wyoming Psychological Association’s annual meeting in Jackson, WY on October 2, 1987 and subsequently published in Welcome to Planet Earth, November, 1987.



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