In case you were wondering why this site was down . . .

I have been posting to exopermaculture since late January 2011. In the first few years, I posted three to five articles per day! Though I’ve slowed to about one per day since, even so, the accumulation finally caught up with me. WordPress announced I needed a dedicated server, which would cost $1428 per year! While I bit the bullet this time, Gabby is determined to get our own server by this time next year, so we won’t have to rely on wordpress for this.

In any case, perhaps you see why I decided to do a Patreon site for the new ARKCroneCasts? And to ask that people become patrons?

I don’t want to put ads on this site, but I do need to make this work financially sustainable.

I’m happy to tell you that I find it great fun to do the new CroneCasts. In fact, I just did two new audios, both essays on Addiction, fitting subject during this powerful Saturn/Pluto time when we are being required to remove all walls to the full expression of the life force as it seeks to move through us.

Again, I sure would appreciate more patrons! Thanks to fellow blogger and good friend Laura Bruno for being the very first to sign up! These two on Addiction will go up next Wednesday on the Patreon site:

How I Stopped Smoking


A Metaphysical Approach to Addiction

Next Thursday is the 19th, my 77th birthday, also our regular Community Dinner day. I’ve decided to present a talk on the Saturn/Pluto phenomenon for my own birthday party: a gift to my community on my special day.

Hopefully, we can video the presentation and put it up here.

Meanwhile, for anyone who wants to listen/view the ARKCroneCasts, and who simply can’t afford the $5 per month or more (depending on the tier you request), the CroneCasts will be offered free on youtube after one month.

Last Sunday (actually Saturday evening though Monday morning, two nights and one day) I decided to take a fast from all screens, and will do the same thing this weekend. Already, I’m surprised to notice that my own root addiction, to “breaking news”” is not quite as dopamine-driven, and am grateful. In fact, I’m even able to read printed books again! Big change.

BTW: I had assumed my root addiction was cigarettes; only now do I understand my root addiction actually goes back to when I was five years old, and learned to read so that I could devour the headlines in the local paper. Bad news meant the world might end that day. Good news meant that I could pretend to play for another day.

I was a fearful child of the looming apocalypse that erupted with Hiroshima. Self-awareness erupted with this news on the radio when I was only two and a half years old.

Tell me, who in this world is not riddled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

I dare you: name one.

So I sign off now, until Monday morning.


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