Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius: Enjoying/discerning/integrating, and above all, FEELING the spin yet?

Full Moon 12/12/19, at 12:11 AM, Washington, D.C.

What strikes me about this Washington D.C. located chart especially, is that the Full Moon sits almost exactly on the vertical axis, connecting the Midheaven path to the Immum Coeli root of the chart. Enormous amounts of Gemini info, disinfo, spin, and so on spew out these days, all of it rooted in some Sagittarian agenda or other, some way of seeing the whole. Meanwhile, the Virgo Ascendant asks us to discern what’s real and what’s not, and both Lilith and the Part of Fortune in Pisces on the Descendant square the Full Moon opposition, guaranteeing gigantic emotionality coming at us from all sides.

Meanwhile, Venus is now sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto, with all three in a harmonious sextile to both Neptune and Mars, which themselves sit briefly, but exactly trine one another at 15° Pisces and Scorpio. The intense Saturn/Pluto/Venus energy, which demands (and loves!: Venus) that we demolish Saturn walls in order to access the primal Plutonian life force, is being fed and nourished by Neptunian spells of various kinds we are casting over ourselves. The spells cushion the rat-tat-tat Saturn/Pluto blows, as all sorts of shibboleths suddenly fall by the wayside. I think especially here, of both the impeachment sham/scam and the 476 page Horowitz document that has inspired AG William Barr to step once again, into the limelight and deliver his version of Sagittarian Truth.


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