More on yesterday’s birthchart of the IG Horowitz Report: Sun square Neptune

While the bang-up Chiron in Aries on the Ascendant square Jupiter in Capricorn on the Midheaven continues to ignite fires in the bloated, corrupted bureaucracy, just behind the scene is the real heart of this chart, namely Sun at 17° Sagittarius, 9th house, square Neptune at 16° Pisces, 12th house. Note that in this chart both Sun and Neptune occupy the houses they naturally rule.

Sun in Sagittarius: the search for Truth, for the big perspective that makes sense of all the myriads of details, stories, arguments, facts and factoids, assumptions and inferences. In its own 9th house, where the big picture is displayed. When distorted, Sagittarius devolves into fundamentalism, judgments, ideological positioning, attempts to control the boundaries of what can be considered Truth.

Neptune in Pisces: Neptune not only rules the hidden 12th house, domain of dreams and fantasy, chronic disease and healing, unconditional love and forgiveness, images and nightmares buried within the collective unconscious, but during these years (2012-2025), Neptune is moving slowly through its own sign of Pisces, which renders it more powerful than usual. More dreamy, more deceptive, more spiritual and compassionate, more distracting, more visionary, more otherworldly, more lying — than usual. Truth? What truth? Let’s just spin out stories that confuse to the point where even the intrepid give up in dismay, return to their usual addictions to food, drugs, alcohol, screens, sleep, oblivion.

This tense square between Sun and Neptune, in its unevolved dynamic, Fundamentalism and Addiction, and in its evolved dynamic, Truth and Love; this crying need to acknowledge, honor and integrate head and heart, echoes my own. I too, am fueled by the search for Truth (Sun, Ascendant and Mars in Sagittarius), and yet my Midheaven path is Neptunian. I seek Truth, but need to learn Love, must see through my judgments and wrench my frozen heart open. I seek to abstractly and distantly comprehend the whole, but tend to get confused, dismayed, demoralized, and ultimately, to throw up my hands at the unbelievable difficulty of making good clear sense of the weird and layered complexities displayed within the IG Report released yesterday that aims to explain what really happened with the FISA imbroglio, and according both Durham and Barr, did not, could not explain the realities of the situation, because the frame of reference allowed was too confined.

Here are two opinions that help throw new lights on this whole matter, at least for myself.

Horowitz Report Is Damn ing For the FBI and Unsettling For The Rest Of Us


Durham Throws A Monkey Wrench In Horowitz Dumb Show


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