Horowitz IG Report released, as scheduled and on time: 1:00 p.m. EST 12/09/19

After what seems like years of waiting for expected reports which never come or are much delayed, this one came out exactly as planned.

Oh wait a minute! Now this is weird. Though my twitter feed showed the report was released when it said it would be, certain commentators are moving the release time to 1:29, to match up with a recent Q post that showed a watch at 1:29, t0 render, supposedly, another Q-proof.

What? I don’t believe it! I had been looking closely at my twitter feed and noticed many folks calling attention to its release only a few minutes after 1 pm! And I KNOW I’m not wrong about this timing. Hmmm . . . Is this deceptive, wishful-thinking Neptune at work? We want so much to have things all line up the way it would be most magical? But I submit, it’s even more magical to see the report released on time, at 1 p.m., and will show you why. . .

Oops! It turns out that 1:29 pm was when the Justice IG TWEETED about the report being up, even though it was actually up, online and on time, at 1 p.m. And so yes, a Q-proof in that way.

BTW: I won’t be one of the intrepid citizen journalist investigators who plan to read through the entire, and eagerly awaited, 476 page document.

Want to check it out?

Go to: https://www.justice.gov/storage/120919-examination.pdf

Instead,  I will be relying on these mostly young and dedicated whiz kids to find the various nuggets that tell us at least part of we need to know. Even the summary appears damning, according to my twitter feed.

What I can do is the birthchart for this event, and zowee! It looks like maybe somebody used astrology to determine what time of day to release the report. Because, look see! Both the Midheaven and the Ascendant are occupied: Jupiter, in Capricorn, at the Midheaven, and Chiron in Aries, on the Ascendant.

As I’ve explained before, the reason these two points (Midheaven and Ascendant) are important in looking at any chart, is because they show where and how the energy pattern of that moment is expressed externally. And what makes these two points so very crucial, is because they (and the points opposite them) are based on the 24-hour rotation of the Earth, so that the angles of the chart (vertical (the path): Midheaven to Immum Coeli, and horizontal (the persona):  Ascendant on East to Descendant on West — all move at the rate of approximately one degree every four minutes. Timing, folks, is everything!

Okay, let’s go further into the exacting timing of the IG Report. The report itself did not come out until after the Capricorn and Aries ingresses of both the Ascendant and Descendant.

Midheaven: 1°03 Capricorn

Ascendant: 1°57 Aries

To be specific: while Chiron has been in Aries for months now, the report did not come out until Jupiter had crossed into Capricorn, on December 2, only seven days ago.

Jupiter now at at 1°34 Capricorn

Chiron now at at 1°26 Aries

PLUS, these bodies are not only fused with the first degrees of both their respective signs, and also, for this chart at this hour and minute, with their respective angles (Midheaven and Ascendant), but: given these positions, the result is an extraordinarily tense and intense SQUARE (90°) aspect, pitting the gigantic (Jupiter) Capricorn structure (Capricorn) i.e., deep state, traditions, bureaucracy, PTB, whatever you want to call it, which desires its structure (Capricorn) to both continue and to expand (Jupiter), with fiery, though wounded, Chiron in Aries.

For whereas Capricorn values stability, traditions, and foundations, Aries, sign of new beginnings,  lights a fuse, plants a bomb, thrusts a flaming sword into the bloated Capricorn state. Chiron, the wounded healer, signifying both the wound and the healing of the wound: how perfect that this should be the body that is fused with the eastern horizon at the moment when the Horowitz IG report is put on-line.

Wounded Chiron steps up to the plate; suddenly, and fearlessly (Aries) Chiron shoots his fiery arrow at the Capricorn Goliath that is determined to rule over all.

Notice, BTW:, the stellium of planets in the 10th house of this chart. Not just Jupiter, but of course, the ever-present Saturn/Pluto conjunction, now in conjunction with fast-moving Venus. And yes, the south node too, signifying karma. All in Capricorn, sign of in this case, what we are calling the Deep State, the bloated, corrupt bureaucracy that seeks to maintain (Saturn) its power (Pluto) no matter what.

Add to this the Mars/Moon opposition in Scorpio/Taurus, making a double wedge formation: Mars/Moon sextile and trine both Neptune and the Saturn/Pluto/Venus combo. Mars and the Moon thus slow down and deepen the process of disclosure, make excruciating the horror inflicted by this flaming Chirotic arrow that pierces the Jupiterian pride of position in Capricorn.

Plus: Jupiter at 1° Capricorn is approaching an exact trine with Uranus at 3° Taurus. For seven years (2018-2025) is the Earth (Taurus) quaking (Uranus) underneath all manmade and other structures. During the next ten days or so, these two will reach an exact trine alignment, which then, might be about as long as it takes to fully absorb what this report is presenting, and its relative importance in the larger scheme of things.

It’s no use, folks. Your time is over. And just think: Horowitz, who tells what really went on inside the Justice Department, and what needs to be done to prevent the same in the future, will be followed by Durham, whose investigation is much wider. Furthermore, Durham is the prosecutor. Crimes have been committed. Justice is due.



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