How might we consciously utilize the Saturn/Pluto energy? One example.

But first: Can you see Tiger kitty? (One eye is showing, and this tabby sits slightly above center in the photo.)

I took the above photo this morning during our regular Friday morning work party, this one devoted to digging up unwanted little trees.

This followed last night’s regular Thursday evening Community Dinner, which brought out, as usual, lotsa people —

and food —

and which graced us, afterwards, with the original guitar and voice music of Logan Carithers, a dear young man who used to live here.

So that was last night. This morning, earlier than usual, we convened for our Friday morning work party in order to make room, at 11 AM for one of our rare pod meetings. We had decided we would brainstorm for about an hour as to what’s next for

How to make this place truly sustainable? By which we mean, how to move forward in a way that brings more and more of our individual and group energy to bear upon creating a regenerative economy within our porous borders (three homes within a suburban neighborhood), one which utilizes every talent and skill that each of us has in concert with the earth underneath our feet? More on this prospect in future posts.

But first, before we talked about our grand goal, I talked about the forming Saturn/Pluto conjunction, and its impact upon individuals. See yesterday’s post. 

I then went further than usual into what I consider to be the ultimate result of this Saturn/Pluto collision, during this chaotic time when the old Saturn structures that have held the Plutonian life force within them are crumbling, detonating, self-destructing. It’s as if, during this last 35 year period (i.e., since the last Saturn/Pluto conjunction, then in Libra), each of us (probably unconsciously) created structures, or forms (routines, goals, plans, organizations) within which the fuel of the universe could both reside in us and be funneled through into the outer world. But now those forms are stretched tight, and the funnel, especially, feels WAY TOO CONSTRICTING. Imagine a garden hose, spraying water; now imagine a spewing fire hose, how much larger the nozzle, how much more force, for what is contained to pulse on through.

In other words, by undergoing this Saturn/Pluto conjunction, we are undergoing a painful birthing process. The cervix must widen, hugely, in order to accommodate the new energy. And this process, this birthing process, takes time. By the end of next year, hopefully, when Saturn moves in Aquarius (along with Jupiter), I, you, we, and the collective “we” will have begun to experiment with new Saturn forms, large and strong enough to accommodate the massive energy that wants to come through humans now.

Right away, during our pod meeting, we zeroed in on old business, which happens to be that we have never advanced beyond the structure of “Ann paying for everything, whenever an extra expense comes up.” This structure no longer works. I’ve run out of extra resources. We must move beyond the kind of enlightened feudalism that has held the atmosphere of this place so far.

And to do so we are going to have to begin to get grants, to be funneled through a non-profit, ARC, with which we are aligned.

And to get grants, we realize, we need to have a more formal structure, one with a vision statement, a mission statement, etc. This need has been on the books for years, and we’ve approached it periodically. But now, as Saturn and Pluto near their exact conjunction, we’ve decided to take the bull by the horns, and meet on the very day that Saturn and Pluto make their exact conjunction in Capricorn, January 12, 2020, which happens to be a Sunday. We plan an all day retreat to hammer out the invisible structure which we collectively decide will hold and fuel the burgeoning life force within this little template for another way of being human on this planet, one which includes both individualism and community, both me, and us, equally, in balance. What will this look like? We don’t know now. But we are all excited to see what we can do with the Saturn/Pluto energy when we apply ourselves consciously to creating a new (Saturn) structure for the Plutonian life force that will, ideally, engender a circular economy —

— and make it so that individuals will be able to “make their living” right here on this land, rather than to have to fan out into service jobs across Bloomington in order to “make it.”

The impossible awaits us. We’re up to the task.

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  1. I was just thinking about you today and how timely all of the expenses and other things are with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. I hadn’t thought of grants but had a similar sense of formalizing your structure and changing the balance of power. This all seems just right somehow, like our plumbing redo —also very Saturn-Pluto. We also learned that for much of 2020 we will be having a new sewer system installed in our neighborhood. It doesn’t get too much more Saturn-Pluto than constructing a sewer system instead of aging septic tanks.

    So interesting how things coordinate even for people who don’t pay any attention to astrology. Best of luck with the new structure process!

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