Jupiter leaves 29°59 Sagittarius for 0°00 Capricorn for the first time in 12 years (Jupiter’s cycle is 12 years long) on December 2, 2019, at 1:21 pm EST, from the point of view of Washington, D.C. As usual, for any chart, I pay attention especially to the angles of the chart, those four points vertical and horizontal which move at the rate of about 1° every four minutes (due to 24-hour rotation of earth) and thus specify the prevailing situation.

Note here: both the Midheaven of this chart (i.e., at the top of the vertical line: the path) and the Ascendant (on the east of the horizontal line: the persona) are crowded with energies that signify the end of one phase and the beginning of another: in both cases, the end of the mutable phase, and the beginning of the cardinal phase.

VERTICAL: Jupiter’s entrance into Capricorn marks the end of the time of expanding perspective to include as much as possible (Jupiter in Sagittarius) and the beginning of “what are we going to do about it?” (Jupiter in Capricorn). The Midheaven itself sits at 29° Sagittarius, right next to Jupiter at 0°00 Capricorn. which itself is near both Venus and the south node at 8° Capricorn. Meaning? We are dealing with old karmic issues (south node) involving what we value, what we love, and that includes our view of money as the “bottom line” value (Venus).

HORIZONTAL: The Ascendant at 29° Pisces marks the end of the time of deception, confusion, swirling chaotic feelings infecting the collective mind and heart, and the start of a brand new beginning (Aries), which will necessitate healing old wounds (Chiron in Aries). Add in Lilith at 25° Pisces to the mix, just behind the Ascendant, and we feel the anguish and hidden (12th house) fury of the sacred birthing and regenerating power of the feminine.

And of course, notice that this chart (as well as any chart during this momentous period in his-story) carries as its dominant feature the fast forming, and rare (every 35-36 years), Saturn/Pluto conjunction, at 18°-21° Capricorn. Only three degrees separate these planets now. Only three degrees to go before the one and only climax, on January 12, 2020, when they reach exact conjunction, and then continue to flirt with one another up through March, 2020, when — and pay attention to this — Saturn then dips its stern, regimented, rule-bound toe in Aquarius, April through June, before returning to Capricorn, and its continuing difficult fusion with primal, death and rebirth Pluto, until December, when Saturn then enters Aquarius and remains until March, 2023.

Whew! Slow down! Okay.

So that’s the set-up with Saturn.

Jupiter, meanwhile, will be traveling through Capricorn, expanding and encouraging plans and goals and restructuring and/or demolishing projects, plans, laws and institutions indicated by the rare and karmic Saturn/Pluto conjunction, when old forms (both visible and invisible) must be either discarded or reconfigured. Yes, we will enjoy/endure three major planets in Capricorn, for nearly the entire year of 2020, with the exception of those three months when Saturn shifts into Aquarius for its brief preview.

We might experience those three months differently than the rest of the year. Capricorn is traditional, with stodgy, old structures that both organize and oppress; Aquarius is filled with the energy of experimentation, syncopation, innovation, surprise. Let’s try something new! Indeed, we MUST try all sorts of things new, if we are to successfully emerge from the Saturn/Pluto plus Jupiter restructuring period.

But what kind of new? Are we to be all subsumed into a single, centralized New World Order where faceless bureaucrats make the rules, one size fits all, to homogenize culture from the top down and further degrade nature? That’s what the old Capricorn energy would prefer, of course. Or are we to become a global citizenship of bottom-up, horizontally networked, decentralized localities, with sovereignty located and flowing from within each individual self, first? That’s a more Aquarian way of looking at what might be coming next. And likely, some version of one or the other, some version of centralized or decentralized, top-down or bottom-up, hierarchical or horizontal, is in the offing. Which one we get may well depend on how active each of us is in creating the world we want to see, right here, at home.

Meanwhile, to get more specific re: the energies of 2020: I notice Mars, the planet that jump starts energies, and impulsively moves forward, that planet of testosterone and courage and foolhardiness, will be making a long, sustained square (due to a retrograde period) to the dominant Capricorn energy, from its home base, Aries, from the end of June 2020 through early January 2021. In other words, almost half of 2020! There’s bound to be lots of Mars action during this next year, strong action, especially during August and September and again, repeating itself, during the end of December through early January 2021. Why? Because during those times Mars will be directly squaring the Saturn/Pluto Capricorn conjunction from Aries.

But let’s back up a bit. Mars will also make a conjunction in Capricorn to the Saturn/Pluto combination in late March, and this action will be magnified by Jupiter, then beginning to conjunct Pluto (but not Saturn, since it will have moved into Aquarius during that time), from late March through mid-July.

In other words, we are invited to a dance, a dance that involves the heavy, somewhat predictable marching cadence of Capricorn as it segues into the jazzy unpredictable, likely discordant rhythms of Aquarius.

The year’s Capricorn energy dance — involving Saturn/Pluto/ Jupiter and at times Mars — climaxes between the 18th and 20th of December, when both Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius, this time for an extended periods of time. Improvisational jazz will prevail over the heavy, military, lock-step march. Old institutions will fall, or be completely refigured. Old ways of seeing and working with energy — asking permission, full of fear and or rage, controlling obedience — will segue into an experimental attitude, in a sort of free-for-all play of unique individuals grouping together to try one thing, then another, and yet another, until we somehow manage to move the chaos of this time into an entirely new kind of order, hopefully less mechanical and much more alive than before.

The December energies climax on the Winter Solstice 2020, the most sacred day of the year. I pray that we will finally be able to see our way through to a multi-polar world, where nations can meet each other as equals, where individuals and groups can meet each other as equals. Gone the top-down globalist plans of centralized, Capricornian glory! Up with Aquarian experimentation, innovation, networking, listening to and critiquing each other, as we gradually discover what will, actually work, as the next era dawns.



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