Blessings, Beauty, and Bountitude!

I settle into deep gratitude for all the world’s blessings on this final evening of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

And for blessings from above and within. This morning, walking the dogs, I asked that all my guides, including deceased husband Jeff and his cronies, visit me, right that moment! — and envelop me in love. (Now that I think about it, it was a kind of demand, but done shyly, as if I couldn’t be sure . . .) And wouldn’t you know, the etheric  embrace was instanteous,  so thick and strong that I almost swooned.

This evening, I took the short walk through the tunnel under the speedy bypass to Aldi’s. In the tunnel I find three books in a pile, obviously left there for some passerby. I’m reminded that I’m not the only one in this suburban wasteland to be encouraging community. And of course, I begin to envision a table and chairs, shelves for more books and other items to be shared with others. Just imagine slowing life down, by nourishing a small, magical community crossroads space inside and underneath the speedway above. Whew!

Still drunk with gratitude, now augmented by the book stacker’s vision and generosity, at Aldi’s I impulsively decided to get four more sets of thick, colorful, fabulous slipper socks, $2.50 each! And give them to all my podmates here in Green Acres Village. And to my son Colin, with whom I share a meal tomorrow evening.

Blessings abound!

Blessings all around!

May you be bathed in Beauty.

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