My First REAL Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation!


Thanksgiving Wisdom

Note: Wow! I am so lucky! See yesterday’s post.

I had the great good fortune yesterday evening to share Thanksgiving dinner with only four other people, one of them a high local government official, and his wife, an IU professor, in a cozy setting that invited us to let down our hair and speak about what each of us really thinks is going on politically and geopolitically. This was NOT a “I can’t believe that you support Trump!” sort of deal. Not at all. There was no animosity, no great divide between or among us, even though everyone had his or her own detailed provisional perspective gleaned through their own research.

None of us agree completely on the role of Donald Trump.

None of us agree completely on the definition, import, and agenda of “climate change.”

In most other areas, however, we discovered that we are in agreement, including the banksters’ engineering of wars, MK Ultra and mind control, ETs and UFOs, Operation Gladio,  the difficulty/necessity of thinking for yourself — and admitting it to easily “triggered” others in this academic town, the import and possible causes of 9/11, JFK and the other assassinations; false flags, Peak Oil, the Project for A New American Century, the impossibility of “endless growth on a finite planet” and so on and on.

In our three extremely energetic conversational dining hours together, we only barely approached the subject of pedophilia, except to agree: “JEFFREY EPSTEIN DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF!” The usual laughter on that one. Two of us were dismayed that AG Bill Barr claims that he DID kill himself, especially since both of us had wanted (and I still want) to trust Barr.

Only two of us “follow Q.”

Only two of us see ourselves as Trump followers, though not without reservations.

We all wonder about Assange, whether he will be extradicted to the U.S., and then be called as a witness to all the shenanigans he is well aware of. Or will he die first? A true hero.

Furthermore, we didn’t confine ourselves to 3D happenings, but delved into the paranormal as well, sharing personal stories of clairaudience, of time and space bending to accommodate, prophetic dreams, communication with “the dead,” and so on.

And that’s just a quick sketch of what took place last night. The most remarkable feeling: we were at one, passionately wanting to know what’s really going on. And we were trading research tips back and forth. Look at so and so. Yes, and look at so and so! We were each learning from each other’s rabbit hole findings. Gobbling them up along with turkey and all the fixings.

I must admit, I got in the last word. As we were hugging each other good bye:

“PLEASE READ: Trance Formation of America, by Kathy O’Brien. It’s a pdf on the internet.”

We agreed to get together soon, for another Clandestine Conspiracy Club meeting. YES!



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