WordPress trouble on the New Moon in Sagittarius

[Correction: This post was supposed to go out yesterday, and I thought it did. Yesterday, 12/26/19, was the date of the new moon. The post appeared as published email if you have subscribed, but did not appear otherwise. Grrrr. . .] 

Which was early today, and happened to fall at 4°02 Sagittarius, conjunct my  3° Mars and opposite my 2° and 7° Uranus/Saturn opposition in Gemini. Can you imagine my fierce fury? My fiery frustration?

So instead I read aloud from old journals to my young male housemates, who relished hearing about Ann when she was young and (very) sexually active. That went on for nearly three hours! Ye goddess!

Here’s a photo taken early morning a few days ago, in the early morning. Can you spot Tiger kitty? (Hint: He’s on a diagonal tree limb about midway heading down.) Great colors.

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PhD Philosophy, 1972. Rogue philosopher ever since.
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