Announcing the third ARK CroneCast: THE REAL VALUE OF MONEY

This first story (see video below) of which the other inhabitants of our Green Acres Permaculture Village are well aware, is one that has helped innumerable family, friends, and acquaintances over the years to navigate the tricky terrain we call “money” and its relationship to the rest of life. I offer this story, as well as Intro video (see patreon), and the first audio essay from last Wednesday, A Discourse on Love, free. From now on, both videos and audios will be offered to subscribers, either weekly or biweekly depending on one’s subscription basis, and freed up later for review. How much later? Not sure. What do you suggest?

The point is, after all, to begin to generate “money” with my sharings, both written and audio/visual. It’s about time! I’ve been doing this exopermaculture site, ad-free, and with no advertorial, since January 2011, at first with five or or posts each day (can you believe?), and ramping down the last few years to about one post per day.

I’ve elected to put up these new ARK CroneCasts on Wednesdays, alternating videos (where I tell a  story from my life, often with long arcs through time and space involved)) with audios (readings of essays and book chapters). All of them are less 30 minutes, unless they come in several parts.

This morning I checked the AK Reader area of this site, where some of the hundreds of old posted essays have been listed, and there are now 56. Plus those in the Astrology section, which I have yet to count. (And there are probably others I’ve forgotten to list.) I just go so damn fast mentally! After all, I’m a double Sagittarius, with Mars also in that sign, opposite Uranus and Saturn conjunct in Gemini! Bingo. Once I open the firehose, it spews.

I’m so damn prolific! And have been for over 30 years at full roar, and before that, too; but it really took my first computer, purchased in 1987, to get up to speed. Why? Because insights fly through so fast that back then there was no way to catch them with even an electric typewriter, which itself was a decided improvement from the clunky manual typewriters that just plain felt like slogging through mud for a dramatically fiery soul such as mine.

I might end up offering most of the written essays and book chapters archived on this site also as audios, collecting some into audio books, as well as reorganize this entire site so that it’s more user friendly to those who want to look back on the productions of my long “working” life. I put that word in quotes because, truly, writing for me, is like play. IS play. The free flow of the uninhibited spirit.

The blog posts that I put up here, are often responses to and commentaries upon what is happening in the outer world. But the ARK Cronecasts are to focus decidedly upon my ruminations within the inner world of my psyche, as informed by its already unusually long embodied life.

This mission illustrates a fact, which is that my Sun and Venus and Mercury all occupy  the first house of my natal chart. I truly don’t mind making myself, my own persona and its herstory, the subject matter of my working life! I treat my own “self” as case history. This is easy for me to do, since both Venus and Mercury are in early Capricorn. I like to adapt a clinically detached point of view; I like to witness my experience, and then write about my findings. And thereby create frameworks filled with meaning, which evolves through time. Most people don’t do this. It’s a decided art and possibly even an obsession. After all, my natal Mercury/Venus squares Neptune/Midheaven in early Libra, and forma a yod (finger of god) formation with Uranus and  Saturn conjunct  in Gemini and Pluto in Leo. Duh!

Notice, that in this pattern with Venus/Mercury/MC/Neptune/Saturn/Uranus and Pluto —  all the outer, long-cycled planets are permanently activated. In other words I naturally tend to see/feel as if my own personal life is exemplary of that of my generation, at least of those who are awakening to their own inner lives and are, after all, not only not dead yet, but brimming with seasoned aliveness, eager to participate in our wisdom-bereft culture as true Elders.

As a nearly 77-year-old Elder, or Crone, I I hope to share my audios and audio/visuals so that they may help ignite a subculture of subtle, shadowy, mysterious, meaningful interiority within us to balance (Neptune in Libra at the MC) that of our relentlessly materialistic, soulless externality.

I have put up a patreon page for the cronecasts, and invite those who find my interiority of value in your lives to subscribe. My “prices” may be too expensive. If so, let me know, so that you and I can exchange energy in another way! I don’t want to close ARK CroneCasts off to anyone who appreciates their value..

I’ve been doing this blog ad-free since early 2011, absorbing the costs myself of both hosting and wp support. The cronecasts will make it possible for me to continue to live and thrive at this cutting edge between the old, moribund, predatory, materialistic culture and the emergent, intensely individualistic, creative and cooperative culture that I and so many many others, are beginning to not just envision, but to demonstrate. Passion, in action. For example, here. See

Plus, I’ve been working on what I call my Recapitulation Project for a few years now, to decide and gather which of my gigantic collection of essays and book length manuscripts, both published and unpublished, are worth keeping and sharing. And I find it both astonishing, and in a way, unfortunate, that most of what I’ve put out over the decades IS worth keeping, and in fact, does need to be “getting out there,” both in written and now, perhaps more valuable to some others, in audio/visual form.

How many people on this planet care to (or have time or energy to) spend literally decades of their personal life ruminating on how various planetary and other cycles of Time interact with and set into motion the direction of critical choice points, both future and past? How many are focused internally, rather than externally? The inner terrain, as C.J. Jung knew, is more mysterious, astonishing, and more obviously multidimensional than the outer terrain.

Even more important: the way I used to write feels very different than what I’m capable of now. Especially rhythm has been affected. No doubt some of this change can be attributed to my “getting older,” and losing acuity. But even more, I feel, this mutation resonates to the changing temper of the times, wherein the accelerating digitization and atomization of “inputs” from the outer world has fractured our perceptions and thought processes, shut down our hearts, and rendered our life frenetic, chaotic, intensely judgmental, and terrified. All at once!

I view this Recapitulation Project, including the cronecasts, as my way of balancing the frantic, fractured loads we are each bearing; as my way of helping us slow life down and recognize how various time cycles arc through space in diverse ways, intersecting with other cycles within cycles within cycles. And this panoply of complexity, both outside (Above) and inside (Below) — this utterly magical continuous divine synchronicity between Above and Below, Outside and Inside, is brilliantly available to us, like a continuously blooming flower, if we are centered in the present moment, standing in the whirling, expanding center of the bloom, with feet grounded into this good earth and heads piercing the infinite sky. Our quivering alive bodies are divine antennas, where sky meets earth. It’s time we remembered that, and honor them.

Welcome to the first ARK CroneCast living story. THE REAL VALUE OF MONEY.




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