Q and “The Plan”: Do you get the sense that we have not only rounded the corner, but are ramping up? Ergo: EXTREME DANGER AHEAD.

I keep seeing/feeling current events inside their astrological background, the rare and  Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that has been forming all year, and is currently  within three degrees of exactness. (See many previous posts.) This conjunction will be exact only once, on January 12, 2020, at 22°45 Capricorn, but will continue to strongly effect ourselves as individuals, as well as every morphing dimension within the entire zeitgeist through the remainder of the year. Please remember its basic meaning: the detonation and regeneration (Pluto) of old structures (Saturn), both visible and invisible, that no longer (Saturn) allow the life force (Pluto) to move freely. 

Furthermore, please remember that this Saturn/Pluto conjunction is but the opening act of an extremely potent drama called The First Return of Pluto to its natal place in the U.S. chart. This will take a number of years to play out, indeed most of the next decade. Do not expect “normalcy” to return. Instead, expect dramatic ongoing purgation and hopefully regeneration, that will completely transform our relationship to, and experience of, both authentic and pretend power, and leave us, and all our institutions, changed.

Here are two early scenes from what we might call the Prelude to the Opening Act, both from the past day or two. Each has import beyond its initial content, is an example of an issue much much larger and more profound, and thus threatens to reverberate powerfully within both culture and politics.

  1. Concerning the absurd, if it were not so horrifying, “impeachment” fiasco:


Bill Clinton: pedophilia and satanic ritual:

Meanwhile, it’s very important that each of us continues to center ourselves and to breathe with and through the Love that fills and flows through the universe as the apocalypse (the revealing) continues to entice swamp creatures, processes, and structures to the surface where they can be seen, identified, and, hopefully, either removed or transformed.

By the way, one aspect of this Saturn/Pluto process is decidedly personal: where are the swamp creatures in me? Shadow work, my friends, utterly necessary in this apocalyptic time. Let us agree to recognize, name, and integrate the denied (usually unsavory) parts of ourselves that we tend instead, to project into the outer world and call someone else bad, wrong, evil, etc. I.e., there is no me vs you; there is only me versus the parts of myself that I have yet to acknowledge and hopefully, agree to begin to heal. As we release the denied parts of ourselves that have been tightly hoarding, restricting, slowing, stopping the life force within us, that life force can then begin again, to flow freely.

State of the Nation published an extremely sobering piece yesterday that really speaks to me. Though this particular essay does not mention it, can you imagine how heavy the weight of responsibility for the welfare — of not only the people of the United States, but for that of the entire world — sits on the shoulders of President Donald Trump, especially when he knows how this astonishing continuing multidimensional sting to “Drain the  Swamp” endangers, not just his own life, but the lives of his cherished family?

Deep State’s Impeachment Coup Much More Than Overthrowing Trump




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  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    I know I’ve said before (even when we met) that I don’t think this “Q” business is something that will ultimately be beneficial to humanity in the long term, and I still stand by that assertion. However: rather than list link after link trying to outline what I believe, which you may dismiss out of hand anyway (and I don’t wish to push what I believe on anyone *ever*; all I wish is to present a well-reasoned alternative viewpoint for consideration), let me try to get across what I am seeing with a story.

    Imagine that you are a lobster in a large aquarium with at least a dozen other lobsters, and this aquarium is in a posh seafood restaurant, and it is designed to serve as both an eye-catching attraction and as a “wall” between the dining room and the kitchen.

    You and the other lobsters are comfortable in the clean water and are fed regularly, and you have become relaxingly familiar within the confines of your environment. As far as you are concerned you and your kin live in heaven, with total knowledge of your surroundings with no need to look beyond them.

    However: you and your lobster friends often notice movements beyond the glass walls of your little world that you can’t make sense of, since your senses have been tuned to understand the dimension of “water” and not of “air” – but it doesn’t seem to affect your world, so you and your friends tune out anything beyond your known world.

    One night, though, you and your brethren look around and notice that one of your kin, named Sheila, is missing. What ever happened?? Another lobster then mentions that he saw some ephemeral object, with holes and a stick attached (a net), descend into the tank accompanied by a strange appendage (an arm and hand) to pull her out. And, it seemed to emanate from the “aether” – the world on the other side of the glass walls of the aquarium.

    Over time this continued over and over again, until only six lobsters were left. The lobsters were at wit’s end, trying to understand what was happening to them. They felt so threatened and so stressed that they prayed for understanding…and, something happened!!

    It was as if they had entered another dimension of understanding, because now they could SEE into the “aether” beyond their aquarium with clarity – and what they saw was a bunch of monsters (humans) surrounding their aquarium, and they also saw that their latest friend to disappear, Henry, was about to be placed into a very steamy pot with fire under it – and, others on the other side of the aquarium wall were EATING the remains of Ethyl!!

    The lobsters at that moment realized that they could communicate with these “monsters” and they immediately ganged up to help each other escape the
    confines of their aquarium and come face-to-face with their jailers, and DEMAND their freedom, with their claws menacingly extended to great effect!!

    Well: the humans heard them out and they agreed to free their captives and return them to their original “home” – the ocean. And not only them, as it seemed that the ENTIRE lobster population of the world reached the same kind of understanding that this local group did, simultaneously!!

    Soon, the lobsters – and their kin – were finally repatriated to their original home, the ocean – and it was incredible!! They were truly free, and could do what they wanted and move where they wanted to go…

    …but one of the original lobsters from the restaurant, Larry, even free within the ocean and aware of a conscious connection to his brethren in the ocean around him, noticed a “ship” above him, and a net soon descended and enveloped him and pulled him out of the ocean, and into the aether, and into the arms of “humans”…

    To summarize: I believe that what is going on here is that humanity is waking up to its bondage (through galactic cycles) and how the elites (and aliens?) have used them over the millenia, and even FED on them (FEDeral reserve, adrenochrome, all forms). And now, we are reaching out and letting them know we no longer accept this reality. And, now confronted with such a large force of awakening humans, the elite/aliens have designed a way to make sure that we feel they will finally listen to our needs and FREE us – to OUR perception of what freedom is, which has been tainted by our long imprisonment.

    So, the question is this: will we accept the supposed “nirvana” of “freedom” that they will extend to us, if what has been promised via the “Q” posts is true; or: is all of this just another means to keep us under control, in the 4th dimension instead of the 3rd, when the TRUE choice we can make is to exit this entire controlled reality altogether, for something MUCH, MUCH better, and of our OWN making, and NOT theirs???

    (Sources of inspiration for this post: Laura Knight-Jadcyzck; Jaques Valley; Dr. Karla Turner; John Keel; Philip K. Dick; Carlos Casteneda; John Lamb Lash; others.)

  2. rose day says:

    Anthony’s share offers an intriguing rendition of humanity’s present predicament and further offers extrapolative rumination . . .

    *The Q platform shares ‘drops’ of information which any willing reader is then FREE to research ‘on his or her own’ and come to conclusions ‘on his or her own’.

    *This platform offers a significant deviation from the existing paradigm wherein information is ‘fed’ to a populace by an ‘all-knowing’ media with possible hidden agenda.

    *Is it conceivable that the Q paradigm is operating as a facilitating bridge in humanity’s journey from passive to active and from dependent to independent?

  3. For some of my clients, the Q process of looking for synchronicities, “future proves past” non-linear time discussions/implications, looking at time stamps and cycles has clicked in a big aha for things I’ve tried teaching them for years. They are less concerned with the outcome of Q predictions, per se, than finding a new way to engage reality. In that sense, I’ve noticed Q having a healing effect on people.

    There are layers to reality. I suspect people will wind up in the version that most closely matches their own state of evolution and understanding/experience. It’s clear to me that not everyone is on the same trajectory.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Reply to Laura, Rose, and Tony — wonderful ruminations, all three of you. And each of them suggesting, in its own way, the layering of “reality.”

      How Q makes us think! Really think! That’s the gift.

  4. J.L.W says:

    I think inner work is more complex than the very blanket statement of ‘shadow work’.

    For me personally, I have been reading a lot and have reflected on narcissistic/ sociopathic personalities and groups in my life that have caused so much damage. As I discover these these patterns seem to float away from my existence. But it is more than discovering bad things it is putting something good and loving in its place. It is personal discipline in relation to material habits in making my life better.

    I don’t like terms such as ‘shadow work’. Amongst abusers, people who are not physical abusers (only because of physical limitation I assume) but emotional abusers, one of the things they might do is abuse you and then say that you need to do ‘shadow work’. I.e. You need to accept blame for problems they are creating.

    Sometimes situations ARE cut and dry. There is no shadow work, subconscious problem, distant past familial pattern reflection on the situation or agreement that needs to be reached. Sometimes you are being (or have been) targeted by a bully that has sadistic intent.

    Just some thoughts.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Certainly, no matter what term we use for integrating aspects of the self that one prefers to avoid, other people can weaponize the term. Such is life on earth!

      I like the way you say “as I discover these patterns (they?) seem to float away from my existence.” Yes, sometimes just paying attention to something will dispel it. I remember when I used to have a repeating nightmare: of a “scuzzy white male” chasing me. Then came the dream when I stopped running, turned around, and faced him. He “floated away from my existence” immediately. Never had the dream again.

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